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Palmer Correctional Center Treatment Programs

A program designed to end the effects of the cycle of violence in families by increasing self-esteem and empowering individuals to become self-sufficient and maintain independence in a violence-free lifestyle.

An in-patient mental health treatment unit that provides structured, supportive environments for mentally ill male offenders. Inmates are placed on this unit when they are transitioning from the more regimented environment of the acute unit (located at Anchorage Correctional Center) or when they are not able to function well in general population due to their illness. This subacute unit is a structured therapeutic environment that encourages individual growth and responsibility.

This is a multi-phase, intensive 12-18 month program that is designed to provide a spiritual based approach to correctional rehabilitation. The inmates live together in a supportive community environment and are expected to embrace personal accountability, responsibility, and commitment to change in all aspects of their life.

These programs are based on the Residential/Intensive Inpatient Treatment (ASAM PPC-2R Level III.1 – III.5) criteria. The comprehensive and intensive program uses a cognitive behavioral approach designed to intervene and treat substance use disorders using a Therapeutic Community model. Inmates in this program are expected to participate for six months (modifications to the total length of stay are made based upon an individual’s needs). Program capacity is approximately 60 participants at a time.

This program, which provides services up to two years, is an evidence-based group therapy that uses cognitive behavioral techniques to help convicted sex offenders lower their risk to re-offend. The therapist and offender identify criminogenic needs and high risk situations that lead to re-offending. The offender is then given skills or tools to avoid or deal with high risk situations.