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Lemon Creek Correctional Center General Programs

There are five outdoor recreation yards. The large yard is complete with a softball diamond and a jogging path. Any number of large motor activities are possible. Three small yards are primarily utilized for misdemeanors, segregation and protective custody inmates. Though small, the yards will accommodate a wide range of large motor activities. The maximum security unit has an outdoor recreation yard consistent with the security requirements of those inmates. The yard has a ball and basketball hoop plus Frisbees. All inmates are offered at least one hour of outdoor recreation per day. If an inmate works, then more outdoor recreation time is offered.

There is a full size gymnasium which is available to all inmates except those in maximum security. The gym can accommodate basketball, jogging, badminton, volleyball and a wide range of other activities. All inmates are offered at least one hour of indoor recreation per day. If an inmate works, then more gymnasium privileges are offered.

A Mental Health Clinician is on staff to provide psychological counseling to inmates. A psychiatrist is available through contractual service.

Twenty-four month, inpatient, offense specific treatment program, for high risk sex offenders.

Glacier Manor has CRC beds available to Lemon Creek inmates who qualify for work, education and/or rehabilitation furloughs.

The Prison Industries provide employment for approximately 34 inmates. During summer peak season, extra inmates are hired for evening shifts. The Prison Industries provides services for LCCC's needs and for the marine Highway System. Inmates are expected to develop good work habits and work hard.

The laundry is a massive operation which employs several male inmates to provide laundry services to LCCC and the Alaska State Ferry System.

Selected inmates and staff meet each spring with high school aged youths from all over the State of Alaska. Once a week, for six weeks, staff and inmates tell children about prison life and the value of an education and staying out of trouble.

Native Culture and Black Culture clubs meet once a week with special events held as approved. Through various activities such as soda sales and movies, the clubs are able to raise moneys to fund several institutional and community based type projects.

Library services include both lending and law. A state grant to the Juneau Memorial Library provides the institution with money for the purchase of books, videos and a variety of library related materials. Education staff make pick up and delivery to and from Juneau Memorial Library. We will provide inter-library loan services.

The in-house lending library includes nearly 1000 books for various contributing sources. Numerous periodical and in-state newspapers are subscribed to as well as vocational periodicals. Inmates are employed as librarians.

The institutional law library is fully stocked with legal materials as per the Cleary Partial Settlement Agreement. All inmates may avail themselves of this service. The maximum security unit has a mini law library on wheels comprised of basic materials. A max inmate may request and will receive other materials. Requests for legal materials not available on-site are handled through an Anchorage based legal services firm.

Religious activities are coordinated by the state chaplain. Many volunteer ministers and lay persons hold church services and Bible study groups on an ongoing basis. Individual spiritual counseling is available from many denominations. A small chapel is dedicated to service 365 days a year.