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Lemon Creek Education Programs

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Includes basic academic instruction in reading, writing, and computational skills below the ninth-grade level.

Secondary education in the form of instruction leading to a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

InsideOut Dad is a program for incarcerated fathers that includes 12 one-hour core sessions and 26 one-hour optional sessions. The format allows a program to vary from very basic to very advanced depending on the need of the fathers. It can be implemented in a group or in a one-on-one setting.

Videos where a parent can read a story, a letter, a poem to their children along with a message

Basic computer instruction

Certification in the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Utilizing the Mavis Beacon Typing Program

This educational class speaks towards HIV/AIDS.

Budget and Finance, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

General information is given out so that individuals know their rights and responsibilities as a parent when they are incarcerated.

Drawing, painting, seasonal projects, Native Art

There are different types of classes that are taught throughout the year concerning: Pre-employment, learning to build a functional resume, Dealing with Job Loss, Pink Slip to Paycheck, Putting Bars Behind You, Employment Strategies, Living Free, Employment of Ex-offenders, Successful Employment and Lawful Living through Conflict Management, Networking Your Way to a New Job, Career Assessment, Finding a Career That Fits, Career Matching, Employment After Prison, Job Searching, Keeping a Job, What Employers Want, Great Jobs Without a College Degree, Career Evaluation, Why Should I Hire You?, Interviewing Skills, Keeping a Job, What Employers Want

Preparing for the Annual Lemon Creek Correctional Center Job Fair

This class allows one to earn your classifications for your CLD. You will be able to test with the Department of Motor Vehicles while incarcerated and when released one can sign up for courses in the community to participate in classes which one learns to drive a commercial vehicle.

Assist individuals to explore their different options on type of classes they may want to pursue and the different colleges that are available to them.

There are different types of classes that are taught throughout the year concerning Pre-Release imcluding: Reentry, Life On the Outside, Preparing for Release, Putting Bars Behind You, Going Home to Stay, Staying Focused on the Outside