Dillingham Probation Office

The Dillingham District Probation/Parole Office is responsible for the supervision of clients who reside and or work in the Bristol Bay and Aleutian Islands area. This area encompasses over 45,000 square miles of land mass, including several large towns: King Salmon, Dillingham and Togiak in the Bristol Bay area. There are over 50 smaller villages spread through out the area. Currently the Dillingham Office supervises clients in 22 locations. Most of the clients supervised reside in remote village locations that are accessible only by air and where few, if any, rehabilitative or counseling services are available. The office provides services to the Superior Courts in Dillingham, and Naknek.

A joint effort by the Department of Corrections Public Safety and Bristol Bay Native Corporation to train Village Public Safety Officers (VPSO's), to assist the probation officer with supervision of offenders in rural areas, has been implemented since FY99. The VPSO's (under the direction of the District Probation Officer) provide regular contact with probationers and parolees in rural communities. DOC coordinates with the Department of Public Safety to incorporate probation and parole training into the VPSO Academy.

About the Area

Dillingham is located in the heart of the Bristol Bay area. This is an area approximately the size of the State of Ohio. Near Dillingham is the Wood-Tikchik State Park. This is the largest State Park in the nation and encompasses an extensive system of lakes and rivers. Bristol Bay is the site of the famous commercial salmon fishery that attracts thousands of additional people to the region each year. The commercial fishing industry is the primary economic force of the area, but in many of the smaller villages, a genuine subsistence lifestyle remains.