Anchorage Probation Office


The Anchorage Probation Office is the largest in the state. There are fifty-four positions assigned to the office, including forty-three Adult Probation/Parole Officers, seven Criminal Justice Technicians, and four Office Assistants. The Anchorage Probation Office supervises offenders on probation/parole supervision for numerous types of offenses, with a primary focus of facilitating community safety and working with offenders to rehabilitate their behavior and reintegrate into the community. The Anchorage office also has specialized caseloads/units that address the special supervision needs of sex offender and mentally ill offenders. The Anchorage office continues to research and implement new and more innovative programming/interventions that will help us to be even more productive in carrying out the mission of Probation and Parole.

About the Area

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with a population of approximately 260,000. This is nearly half of the state population of about 600,000. The Municipality operates 204 parks, 74 playgrounds, 120 miles of paved bike trails, 65 tennis courts, 98 ball fields, 13 ice skating areas (ice hockey is Anchorage's premier team sport), three community recreation centers, six indoor swimming pools and two golf courses. There is a central library and four branches. There are three major Alpine skiing areas, and excellent Nordic skiing locations. Anchorage has an International Airport and is also known worldwide for the largest small plane airport in the world. The landmass is 1,958 square miles. The city is known as the City of Lights in the Winter and City of Flowers in the Summer.