Victim Notification

The Department of Corrections has two victim notification programs. For a quick overview, see the VINE services brochure.

Under the first program, DOC will notify victims and potential victims 30 days in advance of the offender's release from custody. In addition, the victim may request that he or she be notified when the offender:

  • is considered for pre-release furlough;
  • is considered for discretionary parole or special medical parole;
  • is scheduled for a hearing to consider revocation of discretionary parole;
  • escapes from custody;
  • applies for executive clemency (a pardon from the Governor); or
  • petitions for court for a reduction or modification of his or her sentence.

The victim also can request a photograph of the offender when the offender is released.

Victims should fill out and submit a Victim's Right to Notification form to receive these notifications. Viewing and printing this form requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. The form should be printed, filled out and mailed to:

Victim Service Unit
800 A Street
Anchroage, AK 99501

The second victim notification program is the automated victim information system (VINE) that is managed by DOC. This program is available to anyone who wants to know when an offender is released and can be very helpful to victims of misdemeanor and felonious offenses.