Kotzebue Probation Office

The Kotzebue Probation Office is located in the Inupiat Village of Kotzebue 50 miles north of the Arctic Circle. One full time Probation/Parole Officer and a Criminal Justice Tech staff the Office. It is responsible for the supervision of a caseload of felony offenders spread out over a 38,000 square mile area. Supervision requires the Probation Officer to travel by small aircraft to each of the eleven remote villages surrounding the Kotzebue area. Villages supervised through the Kotzebue office are Ambler, Buckland, Deering, Kiana, Kivalina, Kobuk, Noatak, Noorvik, Selawik, and Shungnak and are only accessible by small airplane or boat or snowmachine. Upon arrival in the village travel may continue by snow machine or all-terrain vehicle.

While the Superior Court is located in Kotzebue, the Superior Court Judge travels to remote sites in the region where trails and sentencings are conducted in local school and recreational areas. These proceedings allow local residents to take part in the judicial process and allow Village Elders and Tribal Councils to make recommendations to the Court.