Wildwood Correctional Complex Telephone System

General information, rates, and fees:

Inmate Phone System

Prisoner Access to Phones

Except for telephonic sessions with the court system, all prisoner phone calls must be made via the state contracted computerized inmate telephone system. This system allows the inmate to call out but does not provide for the inmate to receive calls from the outside. All prisoner phone calls are limited to 15 minutes per call. Calls may be monitored and/or recorded, except those to your attorney Both local and long distance calls are available through this system. However, long distance calls are “collect” only. Prisoners placing long distance calls are allowed one (1) call, after which the system places a block on that number and sends the called party a bill. Once this bill has been paid and an account has been set up the system lifts the block. Failure of the called party to pay the bill will result in the number continuing to be blocked and the bill being turned over to a collection agency.

There is currently no provision for calling cards to be used with this inmate telephone system. Third party calls, call forwarding, or credit card calls are not authorized. Attempts to do any of these or to defraud the system carrier/contractor will result in the number being permanently blocked and possible legal action against the perpetrators and/or disciplinary action against the prisoner. Prisoners or family and friends that have questions regarding the inmate telephone system services may contact the carrier/contractor (Securus Technologies, Inc.) at 1-800-844-6591 or at the Securus Technologies website. Only numbers blocked by the institution can be un-blocked by the institution. All other restrictions must be removed by the contracted inmate phone service carrier. Phone calls by certain prisoners to certain phone numbers may be blocked for various reasons. Some of the possible reasons are as follows:

Collect Call Restriction. Some people do not want collect calls to be made to their phone and have had the local phone company restrict such calls.

Exceed Spending Limit. If the owner of the number you are calling has exceeded their spending limit or has unpaid bills, calls to this number may be blocked.

Answering Machine Restriction. The system will not connect to the number called if there is not someone present on the receiving end to press the correct button to answer the call (i.e. Answering Machines and Voice Mail).

Pin Block Restriction. Certain prisoners may be restricted from calling a particular number due to a variety of reasons (court order, victim or witness number, etc.).

Technology Restrictions. Many people have extra options on their phone service such as 3rd Party Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer or Hold, Call Waiting, etc., any of which could interfere with the inmate phone system and cause the call to be terminated. These features as well as static from a cordless phone, accidentally touching touch-tone keys, or unusually long dead space in conversations can cause a call to be disconnected and even cause that number to become blocked.

Inmate Phone Availability

Telephones are available from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm at the pre-trial facility, 6:30 am to 10:00 pm at the sentenced facility and at the minimum facility each day. Cleaning and inspections must be complete before the phones will be turned on. Inmates in general population housing units may use the phone any time during the day if they are not on lockdown status. Inmates in the Segregation/Intake housing unit may use the phone upon request and when Officers are available.