Until further notice, evening visitation has been suspended. Visits are by appointment only, and must be scheduled 24-hours in advance by calling 907-224-8124. When your application is approved, you will be notified.

Visiting Spring Creek Correctional Center

Spring Creek Correctional Center encourages offenders to maintain ties with their families and friends through regular visits. Spring Creek Correctional staff will supervise visiting in as accommodating manner as possible while still adhering to the rules and maintaining the safety of employees, prisoners, visitors and the security of the institution. Because visitation with offenders is a privilege, it may be restricted, denied or suspended if an offender and/or visitor does not follow the Department’s visitation rules.

Family and friends of an offender must be approved before they will be placed on an offender’s visiting list. To obtain approval to visit an offender, a potential visitor must complete a visitation application form, even if the visitor has been previously approved to be on another SCCC offender’s list.

Applications are processed, reviewed and either approved or denied by the Superintendent or designee. This process can take from seven days to six weeks. A criminal history check is done on all prospective visitors.

NOTE: Offenders are responsible to notify their visitors of changes in SCCC visiting schedules and rules.