Visiting Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm

PMCF visitation schedule:

Thursday 1500 and 1600
Saturday 0800, 0900 and 1400, 1500
Sunday 0800, 0900 and 1400, 1500
Holidays follows weekend schedule 0800, 0900 and 1400, 1500
IMPORTANT: We have been getting reports that if you use our physical address in your GPS to travel out here it may route you almost 40 miles out of your way by directing you through Big Lake, Alaska instead of bringing you here by the route outlined below.

Directions to Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm in Wasilla, Alaska

Pt. Mackenzie Correctional Farm (PMCF) is a scenic 90 minute drive North of Anchorage or 45 minutes from Wasilla. From Anchorage the smoothest access to the facility is to travel east out of town on 6th Avenue, as you leave town this road will become the Glenn Highway. Stay on the main Highway, about 35 miles out of Anchorage it bends towards Wasilla, at this point the Glenn Highway ends and the Parks Highway begins. As you drive through Wasilla you will turn left at the fourth traffic light on the Parks Highway (Main Street intersection) as it leaves Wasilla this road becomes the Knik - Goose Bay Road. As you travel Southwest from Wasilla on Kink-Goose Bay Road at approximately 17.2 miles turn right onto Pt. Mackenzie Road.

Travel along Pt. MacKenzie Road until it dead ends at the T. Turn right at the T onto gravel, proceed a few hundred yards and turn left onto Ayrshire Road. Approximately 2 miles down Ayrshire make a left hand turn onto Guernsey Road and proceed approximately 1/2 mile to the Farms main gate. Driving times from Anchorage is approximately 90 minutes for morning trips, but may take longer for afternoon trips. In the winter it may ever be longer.

After mile 8 Knik-Goose Bay Road (Chevron Station) there is no fuel or bathrooms.

The main number for Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm is 907-376-2976.

Visiting Policies

While the Department of Corrections encourages visits with family and friends in the interest of rehabilitation, there is no constitutional right to visitation. It is expected that visitors will follow all rules governing visitation.

Before you make the drive out to Pt. Mackenzie Correctional Farm, we recommend that you take the time to read the Department's Policy on visitation, 810.02.

  • All visitation is by reservation only.
  • Prisoners must seek authorization for visitation. Requests from other sources will not be accepted.
  • The environment at Pt. Mackenzie Correctional Farm is more rustic than at the rest of DOC facilities.
  • If you do not drive out, your ride must remain at the facility during the entire length of the visit. You cannot be dropped off.
  • A violation of the visiting rules could subject the violator to a loss of access to the facility.
  • Any attempts to introduce contraband will be reported to the Alaska State Troopers.
    • Definition of Contraband AS 11.56.390
    • Promoting Contraband First Degree AS 11.56.375
    • Promoting Contraband Second Degree AS 11.56.380