Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm Mission

Point MacKenzie Rehabilitation Program's (PMRP) primary mission is to provide a transition between traditional Correctional Centers and the community for the offender. PMRP's staff strives to compliment this transition through involving offenders in industrial, agricultural, service and technological oriented enterprise which can provide meaningful employment for them upon their release.

What PMRP Provides

  • Opportunities for offenders to be responsible for themselves
  • Aid to the community through the offenders' involvement in local, neighborhood and special projects
  • Viable work opportunities for offenders
  • Educational advancement opportunities through active GED, mechanical and computer oriented courses
  • Expanded life and vocational skills through farming, mechanics, building maintenance, heavy equipment operation, forestry services and basic computer operation
  • Substance abuse assessment, education and treatment

PMRP's secondary mission is to develop and expand a non-traditional minimum security, minimum custody facility for sentenced misdemeanant and felon men working within established parameters while furthering the development of programs in animal and produce farming.