Reporting to Anchorage Correctional Complex

Instructions for Defendants Reporting to Serve Time
  • Defendant must report on or before the date as instructed by the Court or Judicial Reporting Officer.
    • The defendant may self-commit/remand [Mon-Fri @07:45 (excluding State Holidays)] to the Cordova Ctr (130 Cordova Street);  or
    • The defendant may self-commit/remand to the Anchorage Complex (1400 East 4th Ave).
  • Defendant must bring picture identification and a copy of the court judgment (if possessing it) with him/her and present them to the Booking Officer when reporting.
  • Defendant must be drug and alcohol free. You will be given a breath test upon arrival.
  • Do not bring any item which is or could be mistaken for a weapon (e.g. pocket knife, leatherman, hand gun).
  • Do not bring any tobacco, tobacco products, or tobacco paraphernalia.
  • Do not leave a car in the ACC parking lot; it will be towed away.
  • Do not bring property such as jewelry, magazines, books, toiletries. You should only bring the clothes you are wearing, any cash money, and all medications (in the original container) for which you are currently prescribed to take.
  • The defendant may bring money to put in a prisoner account for "commissary" purchases. Commissary is ordered on Wednesday and delivered the next week on Thursday night.
  • If the defendant fails to report as ordered, a warrant for his/her arrest may be issued and, among other things, he/she may be required to serve any suspended time.
What to Expect
  • Upon arrival at the facility the receptionist will inform the booking department of your arrival. You will be visually inspected by an officer and you will be "pat" searched and handcuffed. If accepted at this point you will be escorted to the booking office.
  • Medical staff, if available, or corrections staff will ask you a series of medical questions. Some of the questions may seem personal and out of place but are required to be asked and answered. If you pass the initial medical screening you will then be booked into the facility. You will be asked a series of identification and notification questions, possibly fingerprinted, and photographed.
  • After the booking procedures are completed you may be taken to a room where you will be strip searched and issued jail clothing. You will then be instructed on your housing assignment. This housing assignment could be anywhere in the facility depending on your status. After placement in the housing area you will be allowed phone calls.
  • It is possible, if you meet the criteria, that you may be moved to another facility. Often short term misdemeanors are moved to contract facilities within the state. Felons and long term misdemeanants may be moved to facilities within or out of the State. If you are moved to the local community residential center you will need to have someone take you at least one change of clothing, hygiene items, and money for vending machines. DO NOT BRING THESE ITEMS WITH YOU, AS THERE IS NO GUARANTEE WHERE YOU WILL BE HOUSED. YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THE ANCHORAGE CORRECTIONAL COMPLEX WITH THESE ITEMS.
During Your Stay

You are responsible to follow the rules while you are being held in custody. Violation of the rules could result in additional time being served. You may receive visitors during scheduled visiting hours. You will be allowed to place phone calls. You may also send and receive mail.