Basic Probation Officer Academy

The Basic Probation Officer Academy of the Alaska Department of Corrections is a six-week curriculum that prepares a candidate to become certified as a Probation Officer under Alaska Police Standards Council regulations.

The academy covers the skills and knowledge base an officer needs to effectively and safely perform the duties of a Probation Officer. A partial list of topics covered includes: department policies, communications, civil law, case management, community placements, defensive tactics, firearms, officer survival, searches, and restraints.

The curriculum includes a variety of instructional methods and environments, with an emphasis on practical, hands-on training. To that end, candidates should be aware that during the academy they will be sprayed with oleoresin capsicum (OC - pepper spray). Throughout the academy, students will be exposed to different aspects of the criminal justice system to include; District Attorney's, Public Defenders and Superior Court Judges. The training culminates with scenario-based role-play training in which students are exposed to circumstances they would be exposed to in the field. Candidates must pass each phase of the academy (explained above) in order to be eligible for certification as a Probation Officer.

The successful candidate is a mature individual, who is drawn to public service, particularly in the area of public protection and offender rehabilitation. Potential Probation Officer candidates need to work with other law enforcement agencies and interact with the Court and Parole Board orally and in writing. Candidates should be in good physical shape and have effective interpersonal and communications skills.

The Alaska Department of Corrections Training Academy is located in Palmer, Alaska. It is not a residential facility. Students from outside the Anchorage and Matsu area will be housed in a local hotel during the academy.

For more information, visit the Alaska Department of Corrections Training Academy web page.