Correctional Officer Introductory Letter

Dear Applicant:

The Department of Corrections is pleased that you have chosen this professional career and sincerely hope that you continue to maintain an interest throughout this comprehensive recruitment process. It is our belief that such a process yields candidates who possess strong moral character comprised of integrity and commitment.

As an applicant, the following is important for you to know:

  • Applicants are encouraged to read the Definitions page which will be helpful in answering qualification questions.
  • Any form of dishonesty, by way of omission or misrepresentation, will disqualify an applicant from further application processing.
  • Applicants interviewed and given a conditional job offer will be required to complete a comprehensive background packet, medical examination, and written and oral psychological evaluation. Employment is dependent upon successfully completion of the background investigation, medical examination, and psychological evaluation.
  • Continued employment is dependent upon successfully completing the Basic Correctional Officer Academy, issuance of a Correctional Officer Certificate by the Alaska Police Standards Council and compliance with the Standards of Conduct. The Basic Correctional Officer Academy is held within 12 months of initial appointment.

To proceed towards your career as a Correctional Officer, please click How to Apply.


Department of Corrections