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YKCC Educational Programs

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Includes basic academic instruction in reading, writing, and computational skills below the ninth-grade level.

Secondary education in the form of instruction leading to a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

InsideOut Dad is a program for incarcerated fathers that includes 12 one-hour core sessions and 26 one-hour optional sessions. The format allows a program to vary from very basic to very advanced depending on the need of the fathers. This is implemented in a group setting.

Basic computer instruction

Various Videos for Cultural Identity and Community Involvement

Small group and individual discussion on job and career goals and development of business ideas.

Group Discussion, Video, and Workbook

Videos, Handouts, Guest Speakers etc covering topics like Nutrition, Nicotine, Outdoor Survival, STD, HIV/AIDS, Food Safety, etc.

Meeting and events as approved

Small group and individualized units

Guest speaker or video sample of speeches, story telling, etc.

Guest speaker or video and discussion on past or current historical event

Video discussion or guest speaker on fur handling, boat safety, etc.

Video & discussion series "From Prison To Employment", "Aging Out", and individualized workbooks

Informal counseling and advising. Independent college prep practice tests, & exploration of vocational technology trades.

All new inmates surveyed on goals & needs for education programs

Rehabilitation program recognizing and changing attitudes that lead to crime and relapse