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Wildwood Transitional Gifts & Property

Please review the following information before sending items to this facility.

Money orders may be mailed into the institution and do not need prior authorization. Cash may be placed on a prisoner's account, but only during normal visiting hours. Personal checks will not be accepted at all and may be disbursed back to the sender. Prisoners may not receive money from prisoners who have been recently released or from another prisoner's visitors or family. If a person tries to mail or place money on two or more prisoners' books, the money will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender or visitor. Anything suspicious regarding money coming into the institution will be referred to the Security Sergeant for further review and may be returned to the sender.

Prisoners may not enter into credit agreements, installment purchase arrangements, special transactions (selling property or college loans), or other contracts without the approval of the Superintendent or designee. These "credit agreements" include ordering merchandise, magazine subscriptions, authorizing services, etc. without paying in full, in advance.

Inmates are allowed to order and receive publications including magazines, books and newspapers directly from approved vendors. Approved vendors include Edward R. Hamilton Booksellers, Barnes & Noble, Border Books, Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, Music Dispatch, Daedalus Books and Music and Musicians Friend. Magazines may be ordered from any verifiable publisher, but will be screened for appropriate content. In addition family and friends may order publications for delivery to a prisoner directly from an approved vendor or publisher. Newspaper subscriptions to the Peninsula Clarion and Anchorage Daily News are not allowed, because they are provided by the Inmate Council. No prior approval is necessary before ordering and any deviation must be approved by the superintendent.

The only property items approved to be sent in as a gift are those listed in the WCC Prisoner Handbook. The WCC Property Officer approves requests from inmates to have gifts sent in from family or friends. Family or friends may contact the WCC Property Officer for pre-approval to send a gift to an inmate or to find out if a gift is appropriate. Please note:

  • Gifts that are approved and authorized to be sent in by family or friends must be purchased from an approved vendor.
  • A gift purchased in this manner may not be removed from the vendor's premises, and must be sent by the vendor directly to the institution.
  • Incoming property gifts cannot include unauthorized items or more than the number of items approved. Prisoners who receive unauthorized items in the mail are given notice to disburse those particular items within 30 days or the items will be disposed of. If a gift is received without prior approval, it will be returned to the sender, unopened.
  • Individuals may also send a certified check or money order to the inmate to place on his account for purchasing other authorized items or those that are not authorized to be sent in as a gift. Contact the WCC Property Officer if you have questions.

Postage stamps may not be sent to prisoners. Prisoners may only purchase stamps or postage through commissary or via DOC postage meter.

Prisoners may disburse their excess personal property by mail or by having family and/or friends pick it up at the institution. If you are authorized to pick up excess property, you must present proper identification to do so. Please call the Property Officer before coming to the institution to ensure the property is ready for you to pick up.