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Wildwood Pretrial Treatment Programs

This 12 week program works to develop alternatives to violence through education, problem solving, conflict resolution, assertiveness, communication and practical skills to reduce violence. Program offered to men and women at WPT.

This 12 week program includes various topics to develop life skills in a variety of areas, including stress management, coping with incarceration, communication skills, developing/maintaining health relationships, conflict resolution/problem solving and coping with anxiety/depression and other mental health issues. Program offered to men and women at WPT.

This 12 week program works to identify level of addiction, nature of addiction, factors contributing to addiction, triggers, relapse warning signs, developing positive support systems, identifying community resources for help with ongoing sobriety after release and relapse prevention planning. Program offered men and women at WPT.

The 12 week "Active Parenting" Program works to help parents strengthen families by developing skills to build self esteem, courage, responsibility and character in their children, develop effective and non violent discipline skills, redirect misbehavior, communication skills between parents and children, develop problem solving skills and cope with parenting stress. Program offered to women at WPT.