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WWCC Electronic Monitoring Program

The Electronic Monitoring (EM) program allows inmates who meet certain requirements to serve their sentenced time at home. Inmates will have the ability to maintain employment, access treatment, participate in community work service, address medical issues, and attend religious functions while serving their obligation to the state as ordered by the court. Due to a change in the law, statutory good time (SGT) is no longer applicable to those individuals on the Electronic Monitoring Program. There is a weekly cost associated with the program. A fee of either $12.00 or $14.00 a day will be assessed, plus a $10.00 weekly urinalysis test fee is required. If the minimum requirements can not be met please DO NOT APPLY. The applicant’s current conviction, prior convictions, success on probation and/or parole, and involvement in treatment related programs will be considered. Each application will be reviewed and considered on an individual basis. Applications must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to your report date as indicated on your court judgment.

NOTE: Please download this document for more information on our electronic monitoring program.

Minimum Requirements
  • Sentence must not be less than 7 days and no greater than 3 years.
  • No current or related domestic violence charges.
  • No current or prior conviction for a sex offense.
  • Applicants shall reside and work in the greater Kenai and Soldotna area.
  • All applicants must be narcotic free. This includes legally prescribed medications.
  • Must be able to provide a “clean” urine sample at the time of set up and over the duration of placement on EM.
  • Applicant must be narcotic free. This includes legally prescribed medication.
  • No weapons, alcohol, or controlled substances in the home.
  • Landline phone with basic service and long distance carrier.
Telephone Equipment Requirements
  • No calling features such as call waiting, caller ID, voice mail.
  • Long distance carrier mandatory. No long distance charges will be incurred by Electronic Monitoring equipment.
  • The telephone line must be clear of all other electronic equipment (No fax machines, computers, answering machines, dial-up connection.
  • Telephone must be corded.
  • DSL internet connection is preferred.
Payment and Hook-up Information
  • Any and all required payments are to be made in cash, money order or cashiers check (checks, credit and debit cards are not acceptable).
  • Installations take place Monday-Friday. Be prepared to provide a clean UA and have payment for the first week.