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Visiting Wildwood Pretrial

Visiting Schedule

  • Visitation for general population inmates:
    • Weekdays - 0900, 1000, 1900, 2000 hours
    • Weekends/Holidays - 0900, 1000, 1400, 1500, 1900, 2000 hours
  • Pre-trial visitors may sign up for a visit no more than 30 minutes ahead of the visiting time.
  • Attorney Visits/Bondsman will be permitted between the hours of 0800 and 2200 daily, or at any time during the initial 24 hours of a prisoner's incarceration, except during meal times or counts.
  • Punitive Segregation: Secure visits with immediate family members only will be from 2100 to 2200 hours once per week, with the week running from Thursday through Wednesday. All inmates on two-officer status with full restraints or as specified by Individual Determination visit from 0800 to 0900 hours Monday through Friday only.

All visitors to the institution must present proper picture identification to establish identity: i.e., State driver's license or identification card, professional ID, or personal recognition by a staff member.

Adult visitor(s) must present birth certificates of minor children or court paperwork establishing custody of minor children (Power of Attorney forms are not sufficient for this) at the time of the visit, and:

  • A minor visitor who is a family member of a prisoner must be accompanied by an adult who is either an immediate family member or an adult approved by the Superintendent.
    • Minor family member of the prisoner: A son, daughter, brother or sister (full, step, or half).
    • Immediate family member accompanying the minor: The child’s parent, adult sibling, or the prisoner's father, mother, or adult brother or sister.
  • If the visitor is under the age of 18 and is not a family member of the prisoner, a parent or legal guardian must accompany the visitor.
  • In the case of a visitor under the age of 18 who has attained majority status either by virtue of marriage to the prisoner or as an emancipated minor, items 1 and 2 do not apply. Appropriate documents must be presented to verify their status.

A shirt and trousers for men; a shirt and skirt, shirt and slacks, or dress for women. Shorts, cut-offs, beach-type clothing, and provocative or revealing clothing such as mini-skirts, low-cut blouses, tube tops, low-cut pants, and see-through blouses are not acceptable. Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, hats, or sweatpants are also not allowed. Proper footwear must be worn; however, no sandals, flip-flops or thong-type shoes are allowed in visiting. Visitors wearing attire that is considered inappropriate either because it does not meet the criteria set out above, or because it is deemed unacceptably tight or low cut and revealing, may have their visits denied.

A visitor may not bring into the visiting area any items not specifically pre-authorized. This includes, but is not limited to: food items, any liquid or drinks, and candy or gum.

Only money will be received during visiting hours, nothing else. Prisoners must have prior approval for disbursing property items to a visitor.

As provided by Statute, every visitor may be searched. Refusal to be searched and/or screened with a metal detector will result in denial of the visit.

Attempted introduction of any contraband will be reason to terminate the visit, and criminal charges will be filed with the Alaska State Troopers.

Pocket knives, Leatherman tools or any type of self-defense item, tobacco products, lighting materials, cell phones, purses, computers, cameras, and recording devices, must be secured in the visitor's vehicle as these items are not allowed within the secure perimeter of the institution.

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of State facilities.