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Visiting Hiland Mountain Correctional Center

Yes, but the prisoner initiates the request for approval for a visitor to be added to their card. Even if you have been approved for visitation at another correctional facility in Alaska, you will need a separate approval for visiting an inmate at Hiland Mountain. The prisoner will need your driver’s license number, the state that issued your license, and your date of birth. If you are unwilling to give this information to the prisoner, the information can be relayed directly to the Security Sergeant for processing. The prisoner will not be given your information in this case.

House 1 1230-1500
House 5 1230-1500 & 1830-2030
ST / MHU 1230-1330
P.S / A.S. 1200-1300 & 1600-1700
House(s) 1,2,3 & 4 1230-1500
House(s) 2,3 & 4 1830-2000
House 5 1230-1500 & 1830-2030
ST / MHU 1230-1330
P.S / A.S. 1200-1300 & 1600-1700
House 1 1230-1500
House(s) 2 & 3 1230-1500 & 1830-2000
House 4 1230-1500 & 1830-2000
House 5 1230-1500 & 1830-2030
House 1 1300-1600
House 2 1300-1600 & 1830-2000
House(s) 3 & 4 1300-1600 & 1830-2000
House 5 1030-1600 & 1830-2030
ST / MHU 0930-1030 & 1600-1700
House 2 1300-1600 & 1830-2000
House(s) 3 & 4 1300-1600 & 1830-2000
House 5 1300-1600 & 1830-2030
ST / MHU 1230-1330
P.S / A.S. 1200-1300 & 1600-1700
House 1 1030-1530
House(s) 2 & 3 1130-1600 & 1830-2000
House 4 1130-1600 & 1830-2000
House 5 1030-1600 & 1830-2030
A.S. / P.S. & MHU 0930-1030
House 1 1230-1500
House 2 1230-1500 & 1830-2000
House(s) 3 & 4 1230-1500 & 1830-2000
House 5 1230-1500 & 1830-2030
P.S / A.S. 1200-1300 & 1600-1700
House 1 1030-1530
House(s) 2,3 & 4 1130-1600 & 1830-2000
House 5 1030-1600 & 1830-2030
A.S. / P.S. 0930-1030
MHU 0930-1030

Refer to above.

It is possible for visiting privileges to be revoked for various reasons, such as past conduct where visiting rules or procedures were violated; even if the action took place at a different facility. This decision cannot be formally appealed, but someone who is denied may contact the department and request an explanation, or ask for the denial to be re-reviewed at a later time.

A copy of his or her birth certificate must be included with the visitor application.

A parent or legal guardian must provide a notarized letter which gives permission for the accompanying adult to bring the minor into the prison for visitation.

Usually Not. If you live more than fifty road miles from the facility, the prisoner may request a special visit outside of normal visiting hours. These requests should be for exceptional circumstances only.


Absolutely nothing. All keys, cell phones, gum, tobacco, jackets, just to name a few are not allowed into the facility. There are lockers to store your personal possessions. The lockers are very small.

Policy & Procedure 810.02. It is suggested that you read this policy prior to your visitation.

The rules from the Hiland Mountain handbook:

It is the prisoner’s responsibility to conduct herself properly during visits, engage in appropriate behavior, and not violate the law or visiting regulations.

Any prisoner participating in contact or secured visiting will be required to wear approved clothing, to include: underwear, institutional issued clothing of appropriate size, shoes and socks. There will be no sweat clothes or jeans worn under the state clothing. No jewelry other than religious medallions and wedding band will be allowed to be worn by the prisoner in visiting.

Visitors will dress in accordance with the rules and regulations of visiting. All allowable clothing worn into the visiting room by visitors must remain on, to include shoes, sweaters, vests, etc. No cell phones, wallets, purses, car keys, chewing gum, candy or tobacco products, to include lighters and / or matches are allowed into the visiting room. The visitor and prisoner will not exchange any item(s) during the visit. Physical contact will be limited to a brief embrace with your visitor(s) at the beginning and conclusion of the visit, to include children. "Petting" and / or other sexual activities are prohibited. An Officer may designate where the visitor and prisoner will be seated for the visit. All chairs must be spaced apart and may not be moved from their position.

A visit may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Security requirements
  • Space availability
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Intimate contact
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Refusal to submit to an authorized search
  • Previous violation(s) of visiting rules
  • Inappropriate dress (i.e., tank tops, shorts, excessive cleavage)
  • Being currently under the supervision of the Department of Corrections (On probation or parole)
  • Misrepresentation of identity
  • Failure to control minor children in visiting
  • Being under the age of 18 without legal guardian
  • Failing to meet established criteria

Yes. The following section is taken directly from DOC policy and procedure:

Staff shall notify the shift supervisor or designee in charge of the visiting area of inappropriate attire.

  • a. Staff must closely monitor visitors who wear clothing similar to prisoner’s clothing so as not to confuse visitor and prisoner’s identity.
  • b. The Superintendent or designee may deny visitation for security reasons if visitors dress inappropriately or their clothing (or lack of clothing) violates the following criteria:
    • (1) A shirt and trousers for men; a shirt and skirt, shirt and slacks, or dress for women;
    • (2) Visitors must wear footwear at all times;
    • (3) Cut-offs, shorts, beach-type clothing, and provocative or revealing clothing such as mini-skirts, low-cut blouses, tube tops, low-cut pants and see-through blouses are not acceptable; and
    • (4) Visitors may not wear hats in the visiting area, unless authorized by the Superintendent.

You will need to produce a photo identification card and fill out the visiting application form. You will be pat searched for any contraband prior to the visit.

You will be barred from the facility and the contraband will be turned over to the Alaska State Troopers for investigation and possible prosecution.

Yes, House 5 prisoners may have food brought in during the summer months if authorized by the Superintendent. This authorization is reviewed annually and the prisoners are notified if the policy is in effect. You may call the prison if you are unsure. You may not bring in fast food or food that is not sealed from the store. Security staff will search all items. All food that is not consumed must be removed from the institution at the conclusion of the visit. There is a grill available for your use.

The following items are authorized to be brought in (all items will be inspected for contraband prior to the visit):

  • Canned foods e.g. Fruits, vegetables, meats and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • Raw meats, poultry and fish for grilling
  • Desserts in original sealed packaging

Monday through Friday: 1830 - 2030
Saturday, Sunday & holidays: 1030 - 1600 & 1830 - 2030

No. Cameras are not authorized at this facility.

9101 Hesterberg Road, Eagle River, Alaska 99577. Click here for a map.