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Spring Creek Correctional Center Telephone System

Prisoners at SCCC shall have reasonable access to a telephone. SCCC may limit, monitor, or record prisoners' telephone calls to preserve security and order in the institution and to protect the public. SCCC does not monitor or record conversations between prisoners and their attorneys and has entered all numbers from the state attorney directory into the system to restrict monitoring and recording of these numbers.

The Prisoner Telephone system is managed by Securus Technologies. The web site address is If you click on customer care you have the options to contact the company, Ask a Question, or get FAQs about the telephone system.

When a prisoner places a call, he states his name. A recorded message is played. The recipient is advised who is calling and it is an inmate in a correctional facility. The recipient is then provided with the option to accept or reject the call.

Local Exchange Block. In these cases, Evercom has placed a block on the number the prisoner wants to call because no billing account has been set up for that number. Evercom should be contacted and an account set up. If you have not received a long distance call from a prisoner before verify that your phone company is allowing the calls to go through. Collect calls go on the recipient's regular phone bill in areas in which Evercom can execute a billing agreement with the local telephone company. Unfortunately, many smaller independent phone companies, and some companies such as MCI, AT&T local services do not have billing agreements with the contracted service providers for DOC. In these cases, the companies providing local and long distance service to DOC facilities will not allow a collect call to go to that company.

Persons in these areas who wish to receive collect calls from Alaska prisoners must set up a billing account with Evercom and make advance payment for the amount of time he or she wishes to speak with the prisoner. To set up an account, Evercom should be contacted on its toll-free number, 800-844-6591. Operations are from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Alaska time.

High Toll Block. In these cases, Evercom has placed a block on the number the prisoner wants to call because a large number of collect charges have accrued. In order to control the size of unpaid collect charges, Evercom places a limit on the amount of unpaid charges. Evercom should be contacted and arrangements made to remove the block by paying for the charges. The way to avoid this in the future is to prepay for a larger amount of time.

Answering Machine Deny. The system will not permit a call to go through to an answering machine.

Collect Call Restriction. Some people do not allow collect calls to be made to their telephones and have asked their local telephone company to restrict all collect calls.

Pin Block on Site. Your phone number might be blocked by SCCC.

Prisoners using any of the below state telephone features:

  • Three-way Calling: Alaska DOC rules prohibit any type of three-way or conference calls.
  • Variable, fixed or remote call forwarding: Prisoners are not allowed to call numbers that are forwarded in any way to other locations or to cell phones.
  • Collect long-distance calls made through an operator: Prisoners are not allowed to bypass the automated phone system in place.
  • Toll-free or special charges telephone numbers: Toll-free numbers such as 800 numbers or telephone numb with special, additional charges apply (i.e. 900 numbers) are not allowed.
  • Calling cards or personal identification numbers, or calls billed to credit cards or third parties: Prisoners are not allowed to bypass the automated phone system in place.
  • Making a telephone call to a non-standard telephone: for example, a cell phone or computer.
  • Planning to commit or committing a violation of Institutional Rules: for example, planning the introduction of contraband.
  • A telephone system equipment malfunction occurred inside or outside of the facility.
  • Spring Creek Correctional Center turned off an individual telephone call or all the institutional prisoner telephones, at the discretion of the Superintendent or his designee, for security purposes with no notice.

Local calls are free. All long distance calls must be placed collect. Charges for collect calls vary.

It is less expensive to have one long conversation rather than several shorter calls. Long distance calls have a connection fee plus a per-minute rate. For example, the combined charges for a 20-minute call are less expensive per minute than the cost of four, five-minute calls.

You may request that a phone block be placed on your number. The items needed are the owner’s name and phone number and a note signed by the owner requesting that Spring Creek Correctional Center place a block on your number at all correctional facilities.

Send to:

Spring Creek Correctional Center
Attention Security Department
PO Box 2109
Seward, AK 99664

Or fax the request to (907) 224-8062.

Call Spring Creek Correctional Center at 907-224-8200.