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Mat-Su Pretrial Education Programs

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Includes basic academic instruction in reading, writing, and computational skills below the ninth-grade level.

Secondary education in the form of instruction leading to a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Inside Out Dad is an evidence-based program for incarcerated fathers. Programs include Family Ties, Topics for non-custodial fathers, the Power of Spirituality in Fatherhood, Talking with Mom, and Mom as Gateway. Also offered is Parenting with Dignity from the Drew Bledsoe Foundation.

Cognitive self-change, instruction on basic cognitive tools to be used for self-change. Offered once per week for those who have completed the CAP program.

Continued work with cognitive self-change, expanded instruction on thinking errors, tactics to avoid change, barriers to change and practice using tools.

Medic 1st Aid/CPR/AED is offered periodically.

26 half-hour sessions focusing on three phases of career development: Self-knowledge and Exploration, Career and Educational Exploration, and Career Planning and Implementation.

The Alaska Food Worker's Card is offered at no charge.

This comprehensive cognitive-behavioral program, developed by David J. Simourd, Phd. focuses specifically on the attitudes, values, beliefs, and rationalizations that lead to criminal activity.