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HMCC Treatment Programs

The 48-Week Offender program specifically targets antisocial attitudes, values and beliefs (personal cognitive supports for crime.) This program focuses on the specific dynamic risk factors of impulsivity, egocentrism, weak problem-solving / self-regulation skills, aggressiveness and deficits in critical reasoning and abstract thinking.

The Women's Mental Health Unit is an in-patient mental health treatment unit that provides 24-hour hospital-level psychiatric care for acutely and chronically mentally ill male offenders. Inmates are placed on these units for stabilization, medication management, safety concerns and for observation and evaluation of diagnostic clarification. The unit is a highly structured therapeutic environment where patients are taught to build upon successes and prepare for functioning in other settings.

Hope Wing is an in-patient mental health treatment unit that provides structured, supportive environments for mentally ill female offenders. Inmates are placed on this unit when they are transitioning from the more regimented environment of the acute psychiatric unit (Women's Mental Health Unit) or when they are not able to function well in general population due to their illness. This subacute unit is a structured therapeutic environment that encourages individual growth and responsibility.

RSAT is a state-approved intensive, gender-specific addictions treatment program in the form of a therapeutic community separated from the general inmate population. Approximately one third of its participants have been diagnosed as having mental health disorders. The program assists the graduates in making the transition to Alaska's communities.