Fairbanks Correctional Center Telephone System

When a prisoner places a call, a recorded message is played to the recipient which advises them that the call is from an inmate in a correctional facility. The recipient is then provided with the option to accept or reject the call. This allows a person who does not wish to speak to a prisoner to hang up the phone with out ever having to speak with the prisoner.

Local calls are free. All long distance must be placed collect with the exception of the Central Arizona Detention Center which also allows prisoners to use prepaid calling cards. Evercom is currently in the process of securing permission from the Alaska Public Utilities Commission to use prepaid calling cards in Alaska facilities. Charges for collect calls vary as to whether they are to locations in or out of Alaska and depending on the distance.

Collect calls go on the recipients regular phone bill in areas in which Evercom can execute a billing agreement with the local telephone company. Due to technology issues, many local Alaskan telephone exchanges are not able to provide Evercom with billing services. Persons in these areas who wish to receive collect calls from Alaska prisoners must set up a billing account with Evercom and make advance payment for the amount of time her or she wishes to speak with the prisoner. To set up an account, Evercom should be contacted on its toll-free number 888-678-5668 and which is in operation from 6:00 am to 8:00 PM Alaska time.

Sometimes during a call to a prisoner a person exceeds the amount of time he or she has made advanced payment for. If that occurs, Evercom does not simply cut off the call but allows it to be completed and carries the charge to be deducted from the next payment. Below is an explanation of common reasons prisoners are not able to make collect calls to some telephone numbers.

Local Exchange Blocked. In these cases, Evercom has placed a block on the number the prisoner wants to call because no billing account has been set up for that number. Evercom should be contacted and an account set up.

High Toll Block. In these cases, Evercom has placed a block on the number the prisoner wants to call because a large number of collect charges have accrued. In order to control the size of unpaid collect charges, Evercom places a limit on the amount of unpaid charges. Evercom should be contacted and arrangements made to remove the block by paying for the charges. The way to avoid this in the future is to prepay for a larger amount of time.

Answering Machine Deny. The system will not permit a call to go through to an answering machine.

Collect Call Restriction. Some Alaskans do not allow collect calls to be made to their telephones and have asked their local telephone company to restrict all collect calls.

PIN Block on Site. These prisoners have been restricted from calling a particular number.

3rd Party and Call Forwarding. Many Alaskans have extra options on their telephones such as 3rd party calling and call forwarding. Use of, or access to, these types of options is not allowed by Alaskan prisoners. When use of these is found, the number will be permanently blocked.