Visiting Rules & Regulations

Warning Sign

YKCC Warning Sign - Heed these Words!!

For any additional questions regarding visiting or requesting a special visit be scheduled you can telephone the on duty Shift Supervisor at 907-543-5245 at anytime 24 hours a day.

The Superintendent shall have final authority in determining who may not visit!!

Who May Visit

  1. Adults, 18 years of age or older.

  2. Prisoner's children under the age of 18 if accompanied by an adult family member.

  3. Minors under the age of 18 if escorted by an adult parent or legal guardian.

  4. A minor who is married to the prisoner he/she is visiting.

  5. Minors emancipated to adult status.

  6. Probationer with written permission from the supervising probation officer and the Superintendent.

Who May Not Visit

  1. Any visitor who does not follow visiting rules, or has been found in violation of posted guidelines.

  2. Individuals (except an immediate family member) who has been released from any correctional center or jail within the past 60-days.

  3. Parolees.

  4. Persons on felony probation without the permission of both the Superintendent and their probation officers.

Visitors May Be Denied Admittance For Any Of The Following Reasons

  1. Security requirements.

  2. Disruptive conduct.

  3. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  4. Health problems.

  5. Refusal to submit to searches of their belongings and/or themselves.

  6. Failure to produce picture identification.

  7. Violating, or previous violations of visiting rules.

  8. Misrepresentation of identity or purpose of visit.

Visiting Rules

  1. Visitors shall leave purses and outer garments, i.e., coats, parkas, etc., in their vehicles or in the lockers provided in the front lobby.

  2. Weapons of any sort are not permitted to enter the facility.

  3. All visitors shall present accurate picture identification.

  4. All married or emancipated minors must furnish appropriate documentation i.e., marriage license, court order, etc.

  5. Visitors must be dressed appropriately (see dress code below).

  6. Visitors shall be responsible for the conduct of their children at all times while on the premises.

  7. Provocative body contact is not permitted.

  8. Visitors who leave the institution during visiting hours shall be viewed as terminating their visits and shall not be allowed to return.

  9. You and your visitors will not be allowed to take any items into the visiting rooms, and you and your visitors are not allowed to exchange anything in the visiting room.

  10. The only items authorized to be left by a visit or to be given to the inmate are paperback books, newspapers, magazines, money orders cash (personal checks are not allowed). Court clothing may be exchanged on an item for item basis for those inmates scheduled for jury trials.

  11. Any special visits must be arranged through the Superintendent or designee.

  12. If you or the inmate you are visiting is warned for violating any of the visiting rules 3 times or more then contact visiting privileges will be terminated and only secured visits will be allowed.

Dress Codes

  1. A shirt and trousers for men, and a blouse, skirt, slacks, or a dress for women must be worn in the institution.

  2. Cut-offs, shorts and beach - type clothing is not acceptable.

  3. Footwear i.e., shoes and socks, must be worn at all times.

  4. Hats and jackets will not be worn into the visiting rooms.

Contact Visiting Area

YKCC Contact Visiting Room

Types of Visiting

There are two types of visiting available at this institution:

Secure Visiting

Secure Visiting is available to all prisoners (unless restricted for segregation reasons) Secure visits are conducted where your visiting is separated by a glass partition.

Secure Visiting Hours - General Population
8-11 am Monday - Thursday
12:30 pm-4 pm Sundays and Holidays
Secure Visiting Hours - Segregation

2-3 pm

Monday - Friday
8-10 am Saturdays and Holidays

Contact Visiting

Contact visits are best described as you and your visitor being allowed to visit in the same room. You may lightly embrace and kiss upon the meeting and departure of your visit. You may hold hands with your visitor during your visit. No other form of physical contact is allowed. These visits are supervised by a correctional officer and are limited to space available in the contact visiting room.

Contact Visiting Hours
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 10:00 am Sunday and Holidays