The sending and receiving of mail by prisoners incarcerated in an Alaska Department of Corrections facility is governed by Code 22 AAC 05.520 Mail and Policy and Procedures 810.03 Prisoner Mail and 811.05 Prisoner Personal Property.

  • How do I send mail to a prisoner at SCCC?
  • Prisoner Mailing Address
  • What are some of the general guidelines for mailing letters to prisoners at SCCC?
  • What can not be mailed to prisoners?
  • What happens to rejected mail?
  • Further Questions?

How do I send mail to a prisoner at SCCC?

You must have a return address showing your complete name and address.

All mail to a prisoner must have his legal name, as it appears on the Alaska Department of Correction’s records (i.e. no nicknames), and his offender number. 
All mail should be addressed with the following format.

Prisoner First Name Last Name Offender Number
Spring Creek Correctional Center
PO Box 5001

Seward, AK 99664

What are some of the general guidelines for mail at SCCC?

  • Prisoners, including prisoners in segregation, are permitted to send and receive mail unless it can be determined that such mail may present a threat to the safety and security of the public, staff, prisoners, and the facility.  See question below.
  • When the prisoner pays the mailing cost, there is no limit on the volume of letters the prisoner can send or receive except when limitation is necessary to protect the public or institutional order and security.
  • All mail, unless it meets the definition of “Privileged Mail", will be opened outside the presence of the prisoner and inspected for contraband. (See Policy and Procedure 810.03 Prisoner Mail)  If it appears to contain information that is prohibited, it will be read for content and the prisoner will be provided written notification that the mail was read unless notice would hamper an investigation of criminal activity referred to in the communication.
  • Prisoners may receive through the mail correspondence and photos.   The prisoner is only allowed to retain a limited amount of photographs please verify with the prisoners on amounts allowed.
  • Prisoner may only receive books, newspapers, and books through the publisher.  The prisoner must make the order for books, newspapers and books.
  • Prisoners may be sent money orders, cashier's checks, and certified checks for deposit on their Offender Trust Account.  The entire correspondence will be rejected if the name and address of the sender as well as the name of the prisoner is not present.   Cash will not be accepted in the mail and will be cause for the letter to be rejected.

I do not wish a prisoner to contact me and or my minor children by mail or I have a court ordered no contact order that the prisoner is violating.  Who do I contact?

You may contact the Spring Creek Correctional Center Security Department by telephone or mail and request that the prisoner ceases his communications and/or notify the Security department the prisoner is violating a court no contact order.

What can not be mailed to prisoners?

Prisoners will not receive any mail that contains

  • threats of physical harm against any person or threats of criminal activity;
  • contraband, plans for sending contraband in to or out of the institution;
  • contents that written is written in code that the reader can not understand;
  • contents that is gang hand signs, symbols or slang;
  • contents that show frontal nudity.  Frontal nudity includes either the exposed female breast(s) and/or the genitalia of either gender;
  • plans for activities in violation of facility rules, or criminal activity.
  • information that, if communicated, would create a risk of mental or physical harm to a person;
  • material that could reasonably be expected to aid an escape, or incite or encourage any form of violence;
  • magazines, books, audio or video tapes, music or game compact discs, or movie DVDs;
  • contents that are in violation of a court order or probation/parole condition prohibiting contact with an individual or class of individuals;
  • contents that depicts or describes procedures for construction or use of weapons, ammunition, bombs or incendiary devices;
  • plans for activities in violation of facility rules, or criminal activity
  • postage stamps
  • musical cards, recordable cards, over-sized cards (any card larger than 8” X 11”) , or cards made out of a non-paper material
  • decorative stickers,
  • glue, white out, perfume, paint, lipstick, crayon, or other unidentifiable substances
  • cash or personal checks

or any mail with an envelope/box that

  • is made of non-paper material;
  • has decorative stickers, address labels or seals;
  • has no return sender and/or complete return address.

What happens to rejected mail?

The prisoner will be notified of the rejected mail and is required to disburse the entire contents of the correspondence at his expense or all the contents will be disposed of.

Further Questions?

Contact Spring Creek Correctional Center at 907-224-8200