Hiland Mountain Correctional Center has the only organized
women's prison string orchestra in the free world.

The non-profit organization ARTS ON THE EDGE was assembled in 2003 under the direction of Pati Crofut and Janice Weiss. The women at HMCC currently have participants in all three levels of music: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. The String Orchestra began with six participants and currently has eighteen (December 2006).

Fundraiser concerts are held at HMCC during the spring and winter/holidays. Concerts tickets are sold to support the general operating expenses of the String Orchestra for Incarcerated Women at HMCC. Tickets are advertised and sold at various music stores in Anchorage.

A valid Driver's License or photo identification is required for prison clearance prior to the concert. Contact Pati Crofut: crofut@aol.com to receive more information about ARTS ON THE EDGE.