Visiting Rules

Each inmate is entitled to one (1), one (1) hour visit per day with a maximum of (3) visitors.


East Visitation:
All visits will go upstairs 5 minutes before the visit.

Secure visits are offered daily at 9:00am; 10:00am; 1:00 pm; 2:00pm; 6:30pm; and 7:30pm. The visitation cut-off closes half an hour before the hour of visitation (Please note the earliest you can sign-in is one hour prior to the time of the visit).

West Visitation:
All visits will go upstairs 10 minutes before the visit.

Secured visit days and times are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

9am, 10am, 1pm, 2pm, 7pm, 8pm


1pm, 2pm, No evening visit

Saturday & Sunday

8am, 9am, 10am, 1pm, 2pm, 7pm, 8pm

You must call 269-0901 between 3:15pm until 4:15pm Monday through Friday (except Thursday) for the 7pm and 8pm visits.

You will need to bring picture identification each time you visit. All visitors must have identification, regardless of age: Driver's license, State ID, passport, military ID, Tribal ID, etc. A parent or legal guardian must accompany minors and identification for minors must be provided. If not the minor's parent, guardianship paperwork must be presented when signing up for visitation.

Visitors are responsible for controlling their children while in the lobby and on the visiting floor. Unruly or uncontrollable children will result in the visitation being terminated.

Dress Code: Visitors must be appropriately attired. Revealing or inappropriate clothing will result in the visit being denied or discontinued. Men must wear pants/slacks and shirts with sleeves. Women must wear pants/slacks or dress/skirt no shorter than 4" above the knee and shirts with sleeves. No cutoffs, tank tops, shorts, beachwear, hooded attire or headwear are allowed.

No food or drinks are allowed on the visiting floor.

Prior authorization for use of cell phones, cameras and recording/electrical devices is required for use in the facility. If you are found using these devices without authorization you may be barred from visiting.

If you have been incarcerated in a State of Alaska institution within the last 60 days you are not authorized visitation by law UNLESS you are an immediate family member.