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Dean Williams

Deputy Commissioner

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Remond Henderson

Remond, a Certified Public Accountant with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, has 33 years of experience in accounting, budgeting and financial management including 7 years in private industry with international CPA firms and an international housing development corporation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. He also has 26 years of experience with the State of Alaska. He earned a BA in Accounting from Central Washington University and earned his MBA at the University of Alaska Southeast. Remond’s parents moved from Los Angeles to Ketchikan in 1959 where he grew up and went to high school playing basketball as a Kayhi King. He graduated with honors and pursued a degree in accounting at Central Washington University where he received the first scholarship ever granted by the Washington Society of CPAs. Additionally, he received an athletic scholarship as a walk on basketball player on the Central Washington Wildcat’s basketball team.

He began his career with the state in 1982 as an Internal Auditor with the Department of Community & Regional Affairs (DCRA) and was promoted to the position of Director of Administrative Services in 1984. He served as the Director of Administrative Services at DCRA for 15 years and subsequently held positions as the Director of Administrative Services for the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and Deputy Director of the Division of General Services for the Department of Administration. Throughout his career Remond has gained an extensive amount of experience in the areas of financial management and budgeting, accounting and administrative controls, auditing and audit resolution, the state budgeting process, legislative testimony, state procurement and contracting procedures and human resource management. His experience in these areas are beneficial in his position as the Deputy Commissioner of Administration for the department.

Deputy Commissioner

L Diane Casto, MPA is the Deputy Commissioner for Operations and Reentry. She brings with her more than 20 years of state service.

Diane began her duties June 8, 2015 and is based in Juneau. She has been a lifelong advocate for children, parents, families and healthy communities. She has worked in the areas of child abuse and neglect, juvenile justice, fetal alcohol syndrome, substance abuse prevention, mental health and wellness and healthy families and communities since 1978.

Her philosophy is that partnerships, coalitions and collaboration are always better than working in isolation. To that end, she established a pilot project at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center in 2001 to improve services to women with alcohol addiction and dependence, in an effort to reduce the likelihood of children being born prenatally exposed to alcohol During this same time, she recruited and trained a DOC training specialist to provide FASD 101 training to staff in the institutions and probation and parole. Additionally, she has managed the state’s Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) since 2003 to address first time alcohol-related offenses with screening, referral, and monitoring and compliance for completing an alcohol/drug education course or substance abuse treatment, as recommended by the court. The ASAP program also coordinates the DHSS Probation Officers that provide monitoring and case management for the Therapeutic Courts around the state. Over the last three years, she has helped guide a number of other court and corrections projects including the 24/7 sobriety monitoring program, Misdemeanor Access to Recovery, and the Operating Without a License (OWL) court.

She brings with her a belief that strong community capacity, readiness and ownership of change is critical to successful implementation of DOC’s re-entry and recidivism reduction initiatives.

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