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Young Offenders Graduate with Honors at Spring Creek

Spring Creek Correctional Center conducted graduation commencement ceremonies for six high school graduates and two college graduates on June 21st. The ceremony marked the 13th and final year for the Youthful Offender Program ant Spring Creek. Over 200 prisoners have received their high school diploma as a result of this innovative program. The YOP is moving to the Anchorage Complex this coming school year to better serve participants who may have not been convicted or sentenced but remain in custody. The Anchorage School district will now work with ACC staff in the delivery of the program.

YKCC Distributes Donated Fish Fillets

Federal enforcement of a local subsistence fishery closure on the Kuskokwim River and tributaries became a major news event in Bethel. When the federal enforcement agency seized 79 salmon, they approached the Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center and offered the fish, which needed immediate processing and freezing. YKCC accepted the fish and an inmate work crew filed and packaged the fish for freezing. YKCC then turned over the processed fish to a pair of local organizations for distribution to elders and others with need. The Tundra Women’s Coalition accepted two totes of filets while the Eddie Hoffman Senior Center – which also serves as a local food bank – accepted three totes of the frozen filets. Both agencies accepted a single tote of frozen fish heads, which will be used to make a rich soup considered a local delicacy.

SPOT program begins at Wildwood Correctional Center

The Wildwood Correctional Center Minimum Camp has started a dog program. The program was originally started by Hiland Mountain and has proven to be a very successful community partnership.

Wildwood Correctional Center has inaugurated a SPOT (Special Pet Obedience Training) program and its first dog is MILO, an Australian Shepherd. MILO will remain at the minimum camp and be the ambassador dog for the program, said Assistant Superintendent Shannon McCloud.

“Once training has begun and the inmate handlers understand the process, a dog from the local animal shelter will be placed at the facility, and when basic training is complete, the local pet shelter will work on placement of the dog with a family,” McCloud said. “So far the program has been positive therapy for inmates and staff. It is hoped that the program will grow in the future as more handlers are trained to work within the program.”

Correctional Officer Joseph Roman Spring Creek Employee of the Year

Spring Creek Correctional Center’s CO II Joseph Roman is honored at a lunch at Seward. Roman was named Employee of the Year. Roman, who served over 23 years in the U.S. Air Force, began his career at SCCC in December 2003.

“Joe Roman is a quiet man who commands respect of his peers and prisoners,” said SCCC Superintendent Craig Turnbull.

2012 EOY Press Release

Palmer DOC Staff join Palmer Law Enforcement in Torch Run

Department of Corrections staff joined a field of approximately 150 participants in the annual fund-raising run for Special Olympics. The field raised approximately $7,100 so far for Special Olympics Alaska from the valley event alone. This is now two years in a row where we have had substantial participation and double that of previous years. Our run in the valley was just one of 13 runs held simultaneously around the state that so far this year have raised $82,658.00 for Special Olympics Alaska. We are still waiting for the totals from three of those runs so we very well may have topped $100,000.00 this year. It was great to see DOC out there raising money for such a good cause!

Hiland Mountain Inmates mark season with roadside clean-up

The Hiland Mountain Correctional Center has begun the summer giveback projects for 2012. An inmate work crew began this season by cleaning up the facility parking lot, perimeter road and frontage roads leading to the facility. They removed the winter’s deposit of gravel and accumulated trash prior to the annual parking lot plant sale.

On May 23rd, eight inmates from the prison cleaned up a section of the Glenn Highway between the South and North exits of the highway The institution officially adopted this section of the Highway as a giveback project last year. The adoption commitments lasts three years. The facility is responsible to cleanup both sides of the highway and the median three times during the summer. The crew collected approximately 720 pounds of trash and debris, as they cleaned up the entire stretch for the first time this season.

Correctional Officers form Honor Guard for CO Jansson

On Friday May 4 Correctional Officers formed an honor guard at the Palmer Central Office to give tribute to CO Merian Jansson who’d passed away April 27. After working as an administrative clerk at Palmer Correctional Center, Jansson became a Correctional Officer in 1999. The honor guard was organized through the efforts of Department of Corrections Training Academy. Chaplain Burt McQueen of the Anchorage Police Department and the Alaska Correctional Officers Association.

Annual Hiland Mountain Plant Sale is May 16-18

A great way to celebrate the arrival of spring is by attending the Annual Hiland Mountain Correctional Center Greenhouse Plant Sale, located in the facility parking lot in Eagle River. The dates and times are May 16-18, 9 am to 6 pm, with the possible addition of May 19, 10 am-6 pm. Offered are a large selection of custom flower baskets. as well as craft items: quilts, crochet, knitted items, beaded jewelry, birdhouses, benches, plant stands and other rustic yard items.

Proceeds go to support the prison’s horticultural program and community give-back projects.

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