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Prisoners, Staff and Visitors Participate in annual Potlatch at HCF

A large group of inmates, family members and staff participated in the annual Potlatch celebration at the Hudson Correctional Facility. Moose soup was specially prepared by a small group of Native Elders who traveled to the event from Fairbanks. About 50 pounds of moose meat was donated by community members in the Interior. Also present was a documentary film crew under the direction of Visual Sociologist David Adler of St. Francis University in Brooklyn, N.Y. The topic of the film is inmate art.

Wildwood Inmates volunteer for beach cleanup

Palmer Staff

A WCC inmate and Officer Todd Reposa walk off the beach at the end of a productive day of removing trash.

A plea from the Parks Department for the City of Kenai to assist in cleaning up the Kenai beach was answered by Wildwood inmates. A team of 8 inmates was sent from the Wildwood Transitional Program to complete the project. They picked up hundreds of pounds of debris and trash from the beach.

This has been a productive year for the Transitional Program, assisting with trash pick-up, park sign construction and invasive weed removal.

Academy Hosts NIC-Sponsored Essential Skills for Supervisors Course

Palmer Staff

The graduates from the recent NIC sponsored Essential Skills for Supervisors Course that was held at the DOC Training Academy on July 30-August 3, 2012.

The Department’s Training Academy recently hosted a NIC-sponsored Essential Skills for Supervisors Cours. Participants ranged from Sergeants, Lieutenants, Probation Supervisors, Human Resources, Mental Health and other supervisors from around the state. Guest instructors were provided by NIC from the states of Arizona, New Jersey, Utah and South Carolina. The course was delivered to new and existing supervisors and covered eight modules of instruction which included Building Blocks of Supervision, Personal Competencies, Effective Communication, Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Encouraging Performance and Organizational Context. The course was a great success and a special thanks goes out to the NIC Instructors and all the participants that made this course a success.

— Dan Traxinger

Wanted: Staff to Volunteer for Annual SHARE Campaign


It is that time of year. Richard Schmitz, department SHARE Coordinator, is seeking volunteer “key workers” for the annual SHARE CAMPAIGN, particularly in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Mat-Su as well as individual institutions and field offices. Once identified, keyworkers will be asked to attend a training session for an hour or so (Sept. 5 in Juneau, Sept. 11 in Fairbanks, Sept. 13 in Anchorage Atwood Building, and Sept. 14 in Anchorage Frontier Building) if close by. There is alternative training for volunteers who are not located close to these locations.
Please contact Richard Schmitz if you would like to VOLUNTEER to be a SHARE KEY WORKER for 2012.


Juneau Rotarians build greenhouse at Lemon Creek Correctional Center

Volunteers from the Juneau Rotary Club are constructing a greenhouse inside the secure area of Lemon Creek Correctional Center. “It’ll be a combination of the inmates being able to work here, gain skill in gardening and then be able to use the produce that they generate here,” said Rotarian Wayne Jensen, an architect who is helping with the project. The greenhouse, which measures 40 feet in length by 15 feet wide and costs $13,000, all raised by the local Rotary club. When operating, inmates and community volunteers will grow vegetables and flowers.

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Amber Crawford Mat-Su Pretrial Employee of the Quarter

BAIID Conference

Employee of the Quarter Amber Crawford is presented with a letter confirming the award by Lt. Tim Routen.

Amber Crawford has been selected as Employee of the Quarter (April-June 2012) at Mat-Su Pretrial Facility. “She was nominated by her peers for the professional and courteous manner in which she interacts with staff and for her extremely positive and happy attitude. During much of this quarter she had been filling both the Accounting Clerk and Administrative Manager positions and in doing so remained helpful, dedicated. Despite her double duties she continued to consider the needs of staff and did whatever she could to make THEIR jobs easier. She was described by one of her nominees as ‘our ray of sunshine!,'” said Superintendent Steve Brunger. The MSPT Employee Recognition Committee thanked Ms. Crawford for her sacrifice, dedication, excellent service and sunny disposition. As Employee of the Quarter she will also be considered at the end of the year for Employee of the Year.

DOC participants gain working knowledge at BAIID conference

BAIID Conference

Conference participants, from left, Probation Officer Chris McKenzie, Probation Officer Stefanie Hayes, Procurement Manager John Schauwecker

The Department of Corrections is the agency which is responsible for certifying BAIIDs … that’s Blood Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices. That task falls on Procurement, which is why procurement chief John Schauwecker participated in a two-day conference at the Anchorage Police Department training center July 23-24th. Regulations require BAIID vendors to report violations – for example when the device prevents a car from starting because the operator’s breath alcohol level is too high. For that reason Probation Officers Chris McKenzie and Stefanie Hayes attended the conference with a goal of learning more about the devices and how to access reports of violations by probationers required to use the devices. The conference was conducted by Ottawa, Canada-based Traffic Injury Research Foundation.

Goose Creek honored by Design-Build Institute


Goose Creek Correctional Center, just prior to opening.

Goose Creek Correctional Center has been honored with a national award by the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA). The prestigious award is one of the highest recognitions of achievement in the design-build industry. The award is based on:

  • The integrated cooperative relationships developed between the Department of Corrections, Neeser Construction, Inc. (the design-build contractor), the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska Planning and Architecture, Steve Fishback, Architect, RISE Alaska, and Neeser’s design team.
  • Cooperative cost control efforts
  • Quality, Functionality and Aesthetics of the facility,
  • Long-term energy efficiency,
  • Achievement of the proposed project schedule,
  • Incorporation of innovative systems.

The project and all of its participating entities will be recognized at the DBIA National Design Build Conference and Expo on November 8 in New Orleans.