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Point Mackenzie farm welcomes 21 new additions to the herd

Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm (PMCF) is 640 acre parcel that provides food for the state’s prisons and local food banks. Prisoners raise 100 cattle and other livestock while cultivating over a million pounds of produce yearly. Livestock maintenance is a significant requirement and responsibility since the farm’s returning citizens must get up early to feed, water and monitor the beef cattle daily.

It takes a team of dedicated returning citizens who tend to our herd during the day and night shifts. Two of the team members are Crew Chief Eugene Wilson who has been overseeing the cattle for approximately three years and Livestock Worker Lance Hobson who has been working with the cattle for approximately a year.

Currently, the PMCF team has 21 new additions to the herd, which includes two sets of twins!

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Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm’s Produce Power

During the 2016 season, Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm has harvested almost 3 million pounds worth of produce ranging from beef (over 3,000lbs) and pork (over 15,000lbs) to broccoli (over 34,000lbs), carrots (over 145,000lbs) and potatoes (almost 2 million pounds).

This produce was distributed throughout the state to many correctional institutions for inmate consumption, as well as donated to local charitable organizations including 80,950 pounds to the Food Bank of Alaska alone.

Sgt. Rahm is pictured displaying one of the huge carrots harvested this year.

Thank you to all of the wonderful staff and inmates that work hard to continue giving back to the citizens of Alaska.

We appreciate you!