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CO Week Spotlight: Officer Gary Locke

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Correctional Officer Gary Locke who has been with the Department of Corrections at Lemon Creek Correctional Center for almost two and a half years.

During his short time with the department Officer Locke has provided lifesaving efforts and prevented two suicide attempts, one as recent April 22nd of this year.

Officer Locke is silent warrior who does not seek recognition for his hard work or his heroic acts but quietly goes about his duties always seeking an opportunity to help his brother and sister officers.

Officer Locke is a very humble individual who does not like to be the center of attention. The Department of Corrections is very lucky to have Gary Locke as one of their officers.

We appreciate you!

CO Week Spotlight: Sgt. Doreen Kitter

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Sergeant Doreen Kitter who started her career with the Alaska Department of Corrections at Mat-Su Pre-Trial in January 2008.

As a CO I/II, Sergeant Kitter performed all duties within the facility which include rover, Booking Officer and Control Room Operator. She promoted to Sergeant (Shift Supervisor) in December 2012 and 6 months later became the Records Sergeant.

Sergeant Kitter is MSPT’s Record Sergeant and considered one of the top, Time Accounting Officers for the Department.

Sergeant Kitter is known for her high level of dedication and excellence in all she does. She displays a professional manner at all times and is known for her positive attitude. She remains calm under pressure and never hesitates to step in when needed on shift.

Her work ethic, professionalism and dedication resulted in her selection to Mat-Su Pre-Trial Employee of the Year for 2012.

Sergeant Kitter in her off time from work loves to spend time with family camping, hunting, fishing and hanging out with the family pets her dogs.

We appreciate you Sergeant Kitter!

CO Week Spotlight: Officer Jeremy Sandy

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Officer Jeremy Sandy who works at Spring Creek Correctional Center and was the Employee of the Year for 2016.

Officer Sandy joined the Spring Creek team in March of 2013 and has become a vital team member. He demonstrates through his job performance and integrity a work ethic that is admired by all.

He is an exceptionally competent officer and a pleasure to work with. He has a positive and “can do” attitude and is well liked and supported by his team in the Restricted Housing Unit. It takes a good communicator and a skilled officer to work with this population and he does it well.

Officer Sandy is a role model for others and new staff who are still under training in look to him for advice and the working knowledge to succeed. Even as a fairly junior officer he has completed the Range Officer course, is on the Spring Creek SORT Team and strives to better himself on a daily basis.

Officer Sandy is usually one of the first to respond in an incident and handles each situation with consummate professionalism as well as an outstanding attitude. His dedication and professionalism is appreciated.

He is an excellent ambassador for Spring Creek Correctional Center.

We appreciate you Officer Sandy!

CO Week Spotlight: Officer Ruben Molinar

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Officer Ruben Molinar who works at Fairbanks Correctional Center.

Officer Ruben Molinar relocated to Fairbanks in 1980. He worked in the automotive industry before beginning his career with the Alaska Department of Corrections. Officer Molinar graduated from Academy #66. This was the first class comprised of recruits that had not yet been hired by an institution.

Officer Molinar began working at the Fairbanks Correctional Center on July 25, 1991. Over the years Officer Molinar has performed a wide range of duties. In 2001 he volunteered for and successfully completed the Prisoner Transportation Officer Academy. Officer Molinar has been assigned as the Property/Transportation Officer since 2004.

Officer Molinar is consummate professional. He is well respected by professional agencies, staff, offenders, and the public.

Thank you Officer Molinar for your nearly 25 years of dedicated service to the State of Alaska and the Alaska Department of Corrections! We appreciate you!

CO Week Spotlight: Officer Tommy Quinlan

As we celebrate Correctional Officers Week in Alaska, each day this week we will highlight an officer from the Alaska Department of Corrections.

Officer Tommy Quinlan was born in Stuttgart, Germany where his father was stationed as Master Chief with the Navy. In 1978, after Officer Quinlan’s father retired from the Navy they moved to Eagle River, Alaska. Officer Quinlan graduated from Chugiak High School in 1995 and shortly after continued his education at UAA, where he completed the EMT certification course and studied Fire Science & Education.

Before Officer Quinlan started his career with DOC he coached wrestling at Chugiak High School and worked at NorthStar Behavioral Hospital’s Adolescent Boy Unit as a Mental Health Specialist.

In 2008, he started his career with DOC at Anchorage Correctional Complex East where he still currently works. He is currently part of the FTO program helping new correctional officers just beginning their careers. He is also a member of the Anchorage Correctional Complex SORT team where he has received specialized training and certifications to further his knowledge and skills. Officer Quinlan recently received a letter of commendation for his outstanding service during a crisis situation.

Over the last 4 years, Officer Quinlan has been involved with STAR (Standing Together Against Rape), a local Non-profit organization who provides victims of sexual assault and abuse with crisis intervention, prevention education, and advocacy. During his time with STAR he has helped to organize a team of correctional officers to participate in an annual STAR fundraiser called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”. This fundraiser is a men’s march that has raised thousands of dollars for the organization which helps victims of violence in our community.

In his spare time Officer Quinlan enjoys spending time with his loving wife of 10 years, Leah and their 2 beagles Gryndel and Yoshi doing everything that the great Alaska outdoors has to offer, such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking.

Thank you Tommy for your service! We appreciate you!

Celebrating Correctional Officers Week in Alaska

Celebrating Correctional Officers Week in Alaska with a proclamation from Alaska Governor Bill Walker thanking Correctional Officers all over the state for their passion and service in maintaining a safe working and living environment in correctional facilities.

Commissioner Dean Williams says a Correctional Officers job is about helping others. Which is why he has such a deep respect and admiration for their work and dedication.

Nancy Ogram Honored for 15 Years of Service

Photo of Nancy Ogram and Commissioner Schmidt

Commissioner Joe Schmidt, left, presents a certificate to Administrative Assistant Nancy Ogram

Administrative Assistant Nancy Ogram was honored by her coworkers as she was presented a 15-year service pin on November 26th at the Commissioner’s Office in Anchorage. “Nancy is the picture of dedication, caring and fairness,” said Probation and Parole Director Carrie Belden. “She has been a tremendous asset to our division over the years and I can’t say enough nice things about her professionally and personally.”
Nancy often fills in for the Commissioner’s secretary when she is away, and performs other duties as needed. “Nancy is so dedicated and organized,” added Executive Secretary Kay Schmidt. “She is a wonderful asset to the Department and a great pleasure to work with.”

DOC Participates in Annual Governor’s Picnics

The Department of Corrections maintained a display booth at the annual Governor’s Picnics in Anchorage, Palmer, Fairbanks and Juneau. The DOC booths featured displays of prisoner-grown produce (from Point Mackenzie Correctional Farm) and hand-crafted items from Palmer Correctional Center, Lemon Creek Correctional Center and Hiland Mountain Correctional Center. Thanks to input and assistance from numerous staff members, the booths were a success with a great deal of interaction with the community: from former prisoners to tourists from Australia.

DOC Represented at Correctional Peace Officers National Memorial Ceremony

Photo of Ned Entwistle, Joseph Schmidt, and Leslie Houston

Retired Correctional Officer Ned Entwistle, left, is joined by Commissioner Joe Schmidt and Deputy Commissioner Leslie Houston at the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation Annual National Memorial Service in Bellevue, Washington

Retired CO Ned Entwistle, Commissioner Joe Schmidt and Deputy Commissioner Leslie Houston represented the Department of Corrections at the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation Annual Memorial Service held Friday, June 6th in Bellevue, Washington. Seventeen fallen officers were honored at the ceremony, representing state corrections departments, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The annual memorial is held at a different location each year. Close to a dozen Honor Guards, including a bagpipe and drum corps, participated in the event.