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Nurses Week Spotlight: Nurse Jody Hatt

As we continue to celebrate Nurses Week and our outstanding Nurses across the state, today we highlight Nurse Jody Hatt from Wildwood Correctional Center.

Nurse Jody Hatt has been at the heart of DOC successes for 30 years. She is often the first person called for questions by nurses statewide – it seems like she has seen it all. We know we can rely on Nurse Hatt’s strong clinical skills, guidance and leadership.

Firm, fair and consistent is heard frequently in our environment; and Nurse Hatt epitomizes this mantra. Her influence carries to nurses, providers and patients. You’ll frequently hear Nurse Hatt reminding patients with diabetes to calculate their own insulin dosage and not rely on the nurse. They will be responsible for calculating the dosage when they release. This is a valuable lesson patients are learning while within our walls and preparing to safely care for themselves.

In addition, Nurse Hatt doesn’t hesitate to take on special projects to improve the system. Recently, she is serving as a super user for the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Nurse Hatt is helping with pilot at HMCC and is making significant contributions behind the scenes to work through the speedbumps in the EHR. Her energy, knowledge and optimism have been invaluable!

Nurse Hatt relocated to Kenai from South Dakota in 1979. She started her correctional nursing career at Wildwood Correctional Center in 1986 and became the Nurse III at WCC in 2000. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time on the boat with Steve, her significant other, and, of course, shopping.

Thank you, Nurse Hatt, for your 30 years of dedicated service to the Department of Corrections!

We appreciate you!

2016 Juneau Crime Conference

The Crime Conference is off and running! Come get “What you need when you need it!”

For any Law Enforcement in Juneau this week, even if not for the conference: We have over 15 vendors at the conference who have traveled from the Lower 48, bringing their wares for your perusal. Please come and wander through the conference vendor area in the main lobby of Centennial Hall. If you have office mates who are not APOA members, please invite them as well. It is a great opportunity to see the new wares and technology.

So, if you have time on Tuesday, May 10, or Wednesday, May 11, (or both!), please come by and see the booths! To encourage this, if you come visit, get signatures from three vendors on your business card or equivalent (name and contact info), turn it into the Registration Table, you’ll be in the running for a Conference Swag bag. At the end of Wednesday, one name will be drawn from the business cards. The winner will get a Conference Swag bag which contains over $75 in swag, include a dual power bank, hot/cold beverage tumbler, 5-11 socks, and more.

Vendors Attending:

  • Glock
  • Northern Security, Inc
  • Armour Express Body Armor
  • Braun Northwest
  • Watchguard Video
  • Bostec Inc/ Intoximeters, Inc.
  • 3M
  • Decatur Electronics, Inc.
  • Application Data System Inc.
  • Stalker Radar
  • CZ America
  • Taku Tactical
  • Benchmade Knives
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Vista Outdoor
  • Alaska Safety
  • Northstar Emergency Vehicles
  • FBI Guardian Management
  • Homeland Security Officer of Emergency Communication

Nurses Week Spotlight: Nurse Brenda Timmer

As we celebrate Nurses Week in Alaska, each day this week we will highlight a nurse from the Alaska Department of Corrections.

In the official proclamation Alaska Governor Bill Walker called Alaskan nurses, “a community treasure, as they bring compassion, understanding, and comfort to patients while using their knowledge and skills to deliver medical care.”

Nurse Brenda Timmer is a strong nurse and an asset to Fairbanks Correctional Center medical. On top of her job at FCC, Nurse Timmer is also a super-user of the electronic health record, and spent a week at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center entering data and assisting in any capacity needed.

Nurse Timmer is firm, fair, and consistent in her approach to correctional nursing. She is an asset to FCC medical, using her knowledge and computer skills for the betterment of the medical department. Nurse Timmer is always willing to pitch in where she is needed, picking up extra shifts, doing extra computer work, and offering her opinion often.

Nurse Timmer arrives early, works hard, and completes work tasks before the end of her shift (usually before noon). Her co-workers rely on her knowledge and skills.

Nurse Timmer we appreciate you!

CO Week Spotlight: Officer Chris Harrington

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Officer Chris Harrington from Anchorage Correctional Complex.

Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, Officer Harrington has a strong sense of pride for the place where he grew up. He made a decision early on that he would find a career where he could contribute to his community and state.

Officer Harrington has spent much of his career in emergency management and law enforcement. As a Correctional Officer for the past four years, he has been committed to continuing to grow and learn in his career by pursuing numerous professional certifications through the Department of Justice National Institute of Corrections and FEMA Emergency Management Institute. He is also a member of the Alaska Department of Corrections Special Operations Response Team (SORT), responsible for responding to emergency situations in correctional facilities across state. Additionally, Officer Harrington participates in the Field Training Officer (FTO) program, training new officers during their initial months on the job.

Prior to serving as a Correctional Officer, Officer Harrington worked as a technical representative to a company that responded to natural disasters, such as hurricanes and major floods. He also served in the United States Army as a Fire Support Specialist and was active duty on September 11, 2001.

Officer Harrington has a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Network Security. He has volunteered for the organization, Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event. In his free time, Officer Harrington enjoys spending time with his family, running, hiking, photography and snowboarding. He lives in Eagle River, Alaska with his wife and two children. We appreciate you!

CO Week Spotlight: Sgt. Leonard Patton

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Sergeant Leonard Patton. Sgt. Patton was born on the Fort Sam military base in Houston, Texas. His family moved to Bethel, Alaska when he was a baby. As a teenager, Sgt. Patton took initiative to obtain his GED so he may start working to help his family after the passing of his stepfather. One of his first jobs was as a fish thrower at the Bethel fish canary.

Before starting his career with DOC, Sgt. Patton owned and operated a river taxi service on the Kuskokwim River during the winter months. He also held positions with the Napakiak School District as the head maintenance mechanic and as a teacher of the Yu’pik language. He was a volunteer with the Napakiak Search and Rescue and a Community Service Officer/Animal Control Officer with the Bethel Police Department.

Just prior to joining DOC, Sgt. Patton was the Chief of Police for the village of Napakiak. The village and the Tribal Council of Napakiak offered him a dollar more than DOC to keep him on because he was so valuable to the community. Sgt. Patton started his DOC career at YKCC in 2006. In 2010 he was promoted to the position of Shift Sergeant, which he still holds today.

Sgt. Patton loves to hunt and prepare and eat traditional Yup’ik foods. He has five children and six grandchildren (number seven is on the way) whom he loves to spend time with. He is very friendly and everybody seems to know him. While driving, you may see him wave hello. He has lived a fulfilling life so far and always has a good story to tell… always. If you have something that is broken he can fix it and loves the challenge. Being fluent in Yup’ik and with his background in maintenance and community service, Sgt. Patton is invaluable to the YKCC family. He is a problem solver who loves to help people no matter the situation. We appreciate you!

CO Week Spotlight: Officer Selah Rash

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Officer Selah Rash who works at Goose Creek Correctional Center.

Officer Rash began working at the Goose Creek Correctional Center in 2014. During the time Officer Rash has been here, she has made quite an impact. She is currently part of the FTO program, helping new correctional officers just beginning their careers. She is a member of the Goose Creek Correctional Center SORT team, where she has received specialized training and certifications to further her knowledge and skills. She is also a member of the Employee Wellness Committee program. Officer Rash accepts these extra responsibilities with the upmost of humility.

Many of the officers at GCCC are dedicated to physical fitness. Officer Rash is a Certified Personal Trainer. Officer Rash offers her expertise in this field and trains members on her shift during her lunch break. Officer Rash is highly respected by everyone that she deals with.

Thank you Officer Rash for your positive influence and your dedicated service to GCCC, the State of Alaska and the Alaska Department of Corrections.

We appreciate you!

CO Week Spotlight: Ketchikan Correctional Officers

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight all of the Correctional Officers from Ketchikan Correctional Center.

KCC has so many people that wear so many other hats and they quietly go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis.

Each officer at KCC has multiple duties as a Correctional Officer. Then add to that all the other duties as assigned that entail medical, maintenance, probation, education, food service and administration tasks. This is not an option here when the standard is that you do more with less every day.

Living on an island creates a get the job done mentality as there is no one coming along to fix things. As a small facility that is what is required. KCC could probably place all of it’s officers into different levels of performance and even levels of motivation day to day and include different styles and personalities. But KCC does not work as well if does without each of us doing the things that we do. Each day, day in and day out.

KCC been awarded the Director’s Audit award three years in a row and this is a testament to the collective effort of all, not one Correctional Officer or one staff member. No one individual makes this all happen, they do it as a team.

We appreciate you KCC Correctional Officers!

Pictured from left to right Mike Edenshaw, ret. Sgt. Anthony Hahn, Edwin Irizarry, John Greenfield, and Superintendent Jessica Mathews and in rear Josh Szurleys and Walter Headley

CO Week Spotlight: Officer Gary Locke

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Correctional Officer Gary Locke who has been with the Department of Corrections at Lemon Creek Correctional Center for almost two and a half years.

During his short time with the department Officer Locke has provided lifesaving efforts and prevented two suicide attempts, one as recent April 22nd of this year.

Officer Locke is silent warrior who does not seek recognition for his hard work or his heroic acts but quietly goes about his duties always seeking an opportunity to help his brother and sister officers.

Officer Locke is a very humble individual who does not like to be the center of attention. The Department of Corrections is very lucky to have Gary Locke as one of their officers.

We appreciate you!

CO Week Spotlight: Sgt. Doreen Kitter

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Sergeant Doreen Kitter who started her career with the Alaska Department of Corrections at Mat-Su Pre-Trial in January 2008.

As a CO I/II, Sergeant Kitter performed all duties within the facility which include rover, Booking Officer and Control Room Operator. She promoted to Sergeant (Shift Supervisor) in December 2012 and 6 months later became the Records Sergeant.

Sergeant Kitter is MSPT’s Record Sergeant and considered one of the top, Time Accounting Officers for the Department.

Sergeant Kitter is known for her high level of dedication and excellence in all she does. She displays a professional manner at all times and is known for her positive attitude. She remains calm under pressure and never hesitates to step in when needed on shift.

Her work ethic, professionalism and dedication resulted in her selection to Mat-Su Pre-Trial Employee of the Year for 2012.

Sergeant Kitter in her off time from work loves to spend time with family camping, hunting, fishing and hanging out with the family pets her dogs.

We appreciate you Sergeant Kitter!

CO Week Spotlight: Officer Jeremy Sandy

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Officer Jeremy Sandy who works at Spring Creek Correctional Center and was the Employee of the Year for 2016.

Officer Sandy joined the Spring Creek team in March of 2013 and has become a vital team member. He demonstrates through his job performance and integrity a work ethic that is admired by all.

He is an exceptionally competent officer and a pleasure to work with. He has a positive and “can do” attitude and is well liked and supported by his team in the Restricted Housing Unit. It takes a good communicator and a skilled officer to work with this population and he does it well.

Officer Sandy is a role model for others and new staff who are still under training in look to him for advice and the working knowledge to succeed. Even as a fairly junior officer he has completed the Range Officer course, is on the Spring Creek SORT Team and strives to better himself on a daily basis.

Officer Sandy is usually one of the first to respond in an incident and handles each situation with consummate professionalism as well as an outstanding attitude. His dedication and professionalism is appreciated.

He is an excellent ambassador for Spring Creek Correctional Center.

We appreciate you Officer Sandy!