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Anvil Mountain Inmates Complete Small Engine Repair Class

At Nome’s Anvil Mountain Correctional Center, the education department offers various programs and courses with a goal of provides inmates with better lifestyle choices, new trades, and better education. Howard Appel, Education Coordinator, has over 20 years at the facility. One of the programs that is offered is Small Engines Repair, taught by Brian Marvin, who is a teacher at Nome-Beltz High School. The class gives inmates the opportunity for a new trade which can be beneficial toward their reintegration into society. This year, the class included five inmates who repaired a four wheeler that was pushed into the shop by inmates, repaired the engine and other issues found. After completion, the four wheeler was driven out under its own power by the instructor.

— CO II Jennifer O’Connor

Anvil Mountain Conducts ANSAT Treatment Program

Photo of ANSAT Graduating Class

ANSAT Graduating Class

The Alaska Native Substance Abuse Treatment (ANSAT) Program, consisting of 15, two-part lessons each focus on different Alaska Native Values, is continuing at Anvil Mountain Correctional Center in Nome. The program also includes eight Anger Management Modules and an Exam as well as Addiction/Health Education information, handouts and worksheets; and Relapse Prevention information, handouts and worksheets. ANSAT is a 5-week program, so participants will have a greater opportunity to graduate from the program before they are transferred or released from AMCC. There will only be 8 to 10 participants allowed in the program at one time. There will be two sessions a day, each session lasting 1 ½ hours, four days a week (Monday – Thursday). Kelly Strass, Nome ANSAT Program Coordinator, has been teaching in the institution for three years. On August 7th her most recent class graduated with 14 inmates.

Female Inmates at Anvil Mountain Gain New Skills

Photo of female AMCC inmates with gifts they created

Here at Anvil Mountain Correctional facility, female inmates have either learned a new trade or enhanced their skills by crocheting hats, neck-warmers and stuffed animals for children around the Nome and Kotzebue region. These thoughtful gifts will be distributed to the Nome Children’s Home and Womens Shelter, as well as to the Kotzebue Womens Shelter and the Putyuk Children’s Home. AMCC gets yarn, stuffing and plastic crochet hooks donated to the facility and in return we give back to the communities the friendly gifts. This program is modeled after a similar program at Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center in Bethel, where female inmates crocheting hats, booties, and baby blankets for newborns in the region. We always welcome donations of yarn: if you would like to donate please send to:

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center
P.O. Box 730
Nome, AK 99762

Construction Class a success at Anvil Mountain Correctional Center


When an opportunity arose, AMCC Education Coordinator Howard Appel developed a construction class which as led to NCCER (National Center for Construction and Research) Core Curriculum certification, which will prove a bonus for inmate graduates seeking employment in the building trades upon their release. “From the demolition of the old Voc-Ed building, which had seen many years of use and harsh weather, to the construction of the new Voc-Ed building the participants have been highly motivated and fully engaged in the project,” said Superintendent Mike Dunham. The inmate trainees constructed a 20X24 foot wood-frame structure built to current building codes. The project was completed in two sections, the first being the framing.

Staff changes at Anvil Mountain Correctional Center

Please welcome Patricia Eckroate as Anvil Mountain Correctional Center Food Service Lead. Patricia is a long-time Nome resident and brings years of food service experience. Also, please welcome Darcy Verdin to her new position as AMCC accounting clerk. Darcy began her service at AMCC in 2005 as administrative clerk and has proven a valuable part of our administrative team.

— Mike Dunham, Superintendent.