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National Reentry Week Spotlight: Partners Reentry Center

As we celebrate National Reentry Week, Alaska Department of Corrections wants to recognize one of our many awesome community partners.

Since 2013, Partners Reentry Center, located at 419 Barrow in Anchorage, has provided over 4,300 reentrants housing, employment and supportive services in an effort to reduce recidivism and enhance public safety in Alaska.

Thank you Partners Reentry Center for helping Alaskans be successful!

We appreciate you!

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Administrative Professionals Day 2017

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!!!

A Very Big Thank You to all of our Alaska Department of Corrections Administrative Professionals statewide who go above and beyond to make sure Alaska DOC runs smoothly and succesfully.

Check out a few photos of some of the awesome Administrative Professionals around Alaska.

We appreciate you!

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First Annual Lemon Creek Easter Egg Hunt

The Alaska Department of Corrections Lemon Creek Correctional Center Wellness Committee held their First Annual Family Easter Egg Hunt at Twin Lakes playground in Juneau this past weekend.

They had a spectacular turnout where over fifty children and their families searched for Easter eggs in the time honored tradition.

The LCCC Wellness Committee, led by President Lydia O’Leary, spent an entire week loading over 1,100 eggs with candy and toy surprises!

The event was very well received and there are already plans being made for next year.

Lydia O’Leary would like to give a special “Thank You” to Ron Shriver, Bonnie Webster, Mary Ann Headings, Virginia Behrends, Bob Cordle, Evgenia Golofeeva, Regan Tweedy, Kenneth Hoff, Travis Brososky, Keith Brososky Jr, and of course all the family and friends who came out to enjoy the fun.

lemon creek easter egg hunt pic 1.jpglemon creek easter egg hunt pic 4.jpglemon creek easter egg hunt pic 3.jpglemon creek easter egg hunt pic 2.jpg