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From ADN: Rethinking Alaska’s only maximum-security prison

Last month, the Anchorage Daily News spent a day with Spring Creek Correctional Center superintendent Bill Lapinskas.

They discussed a lot — from ethics and morals to solitary confinement and mental health.

“Rather than menace them and just enforce rules every day, why aren’t we trying to invoke change? Real change,” (Lapinskas) said. “Not force it, but entice it and seduce it and get it out of these guys through meaningful conversation and decency.”

Read more: https://www.adn.com/features/alaska-news/crime-courts/2018/10/26/rethinking-spring-creek/?fbclid=IwAR3wktDeCKcQqykNwDVqIXIPYSI0uP1I5Lab0gvQ1moug40LqHYpTg0WcA8

Palmer pretrial officers assist Palmer police

Earlier this month, two Palmer Pretrial Enforcement Division (PED) officers went beyond their typical duties when they stopped to gas up their SUV. This stop led to the arrest of a man carrying drugs and stolen credit cards.

When one of the PED officers went inside the Mat-Su gas station to collect a receipt, he witnessed a man walk out of the store with several items of unpaid merchandise. The PED officers confronted the man, who admitted to carrying methamphetamine.

The pretrial officers detained the man until the Palmer Police Department (PPD) arrived. When PPD arrived, they asked PED to search the man. Our officers discovered that the man was also carrying heroin.

After the male suspect gave consent to have his vehicle searched — and at the request of AST and PPD – the pretrial officers performed the search. In addition to the shoplifted gas station merchandise, and the drugs, PED officers discovered a wallet with about 10 different credit cards with different names.

The suspect was taken into custody.