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Listen: Prison art market has its limits

“Spring Creek Correctional Center has a unique legal internal economy. The inmates run a prison store that sells food, hygiene items, and clothing. Profits from the store stay inside the facility and are divided up between nine different funds, including one that provides equipment for the hobby shop.”

Learn more about the hobby shop by listening to this story from the Solutions Desk at Alaska Public Media. Click, here: https://www.alaskapublic.org/2018/08/08/prison-art-market-has-its-limits/

Pt. Mackenzie Correctional Farm hosts annual BBQ

Superintendent Anderson and her incredible team at the Pt. Mackenzie Correctional Farm welcomed visitors from the community, as well as DOC employees and their families to the annual Pt. Mackenzie Farm picnic. Attendees enjoyed picnic foods prepared with fresh ingredients from the farm, hayrides, yard games, and a beautiful sunny day.

Point Mackenzie’s primary mission is to provide a transition between the traditional correctional center and the community for the offender. Point Mackenzie staff strive to compliment this transition through involving offenders in industrial, agricultural, service and technological oriented enterprise which can provide meaningful employment for them upon their release. Today’s picnic showcased these efforts.

Keep up the great work, Superintendent Anderson and team!