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Tickets on sale: ‘Breaking the Cycle’ and discussion w/ Commissioner Williams about what Alaska can learn from Norway

Tickets are on sale for the screening of the hour-long documentary, “Breaking the Cycle” and a community conversation with Commissioner Dean Williams about what Alaska can learn from the Norway model.

In  the film, the Warden of Halden, Norway’s most humane prison, tours the U.S. prison system to urge a new approach emphasizing on rehabilitation. The documentary tells the story about Jan Strømnes, the deputy warden in the world’s most humane maximum-security prison, Halden Prison in Norway. Strømnes goes on a mission to change one of the most notorious prisons in the world – Attica Correctional Facility in New York State.

Buy tickets, here: https://ticketing.us.veezi.com/purchase/3683?siteToken=suuxCH9wIUGD05u30RvJ%2Fw%3D%3D . 


Community in Unity: Recovery in Incarceration

Addiction often fuels crime. So, how can we prevent some of that criminal activity? By helping people receive treatment. By default, the Alaska Department of Corrections is the largest substance abuse treatment provider in the state.

A couple of weeks ago, Goose Creek inmates in recovery sat down with community to share their stories, ask and answer questions, and to discuss solutions.

Listen to the conversation, here.