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KAMP Program Making an Impact on Kodiak

When the Kodiak Area Mentor Program, aka KAMP, was started in May, 2014, the vision was to promote relationships between community members and people who are involved in the criminal justice system. We had a goal in mind, that mentors (healthy people in the community) would build relationships with mentees (inmates, people on probation, people who are struggling with addiction) and help them break unhealthy cycles and eventually mentees might become mentors themselves.

Two and a half years later KAMP has experienced tremendous growth and the goal has been met! Jami Gibson, KAMP mentee, is now facilitating KAMP Group on Friday nights for the six-week-long series “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman.

Additionally, KAMP mentor, Shawn Olsen, who was formerly involved in the criminal justice system himself, is currently teaming up with Probation and Parole Officer Jill Bunting to develop a peer mentoring program to provide guidance to probationers and parolees who are struggling with managing finances. Shawn’s own experience of getting out of debt, repairing his credit, and meeting all of his financial obligations with the Court system and other entities, is an inspirational journey. He is eager to share his skills with others so they can be free of financial burdens also.

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