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KAMP Program Making an Impact on Kodiak

When the Kodiak Area Mentor Program, aka KAMP, was started in May, 2014, the vision was to promote relationships between community members and people who are involved in the criminal justice system. We had a goal in mind, that mentors (healthy people in the community) would build relationships with mentees (inmates, people on probation, people who are struggling with addiction) and help them break unhealthy cycles and eventually mentees might become mentors themselves.

Two and a half years later KAMP has experienced tremendous growth and the goal has been met! Jami Gibson, KAMP mentee, is now facilitating KAMP Group on Friday nights for the six-week-long series “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman.

Additionally, KAMP mentor, Shawn Olsen, who was formerly involved in the criminal justice system himself, is currently teaming up with Probation and Parole Officer Jill Bunting to develop a peer mentoring program to provide guidance to probationers and parolees who are struggling with managing finances. Shawn’s own experience of getting out of debt, repairing his credit, and meeting all of his financial obligations with the Court system and other entities, is an inspirational journey. He is eager to share his skills with others so they can be free of financial burdens also.

For more information about the Kodiak Area Mentor Program “like” us on Facebook or on the website:



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Ketchikan Correctional Center’s Flagger’s Class

Alaska Department of Corrections Ketchikan Correctional Center held it’s first Flagger’s Class in five years recently.

Thirteen inmates took part in the day-long American Traffic Safety Services Association class which could lead to flagger certification after passing the National Flagger Examination test.

Flagger jobs are in high demand in the Ketchikan area with numerous large and small highway projects taking place in the community and flagger certification will give KCC inmates a leg up in getting work on those projects.

The Flagger class is part of KCC’s commitment to ensuring inmates are successful in their reentry efforts.

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Wildwood’s Making Toys For Christmas

A small group of offenders at Alaska Department of Corrections

Wildwood Correctional Center were motivated to help put presents under the tree for needy children.

Although they got a late start, in just three weeks, they put together 15 trucks and 4 trains to be donated to families in need. The group is motivated and have decided to continue making toys for next holiday season in hopes that they can help several more families and more importantly put a smile on the children’s face Christmas morning.

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Messages of Love: Lullaby Project in Concert, KTVA

Check out this awesome web extra from KTVA 11 News and Frontiers w/ Rhonda McBride on the Alaska Department of Corrections Hiland Mountain Correctional Lullaby Project which puts female inmates on a personal journey to write and record a lullaby for their child.

This web extra shows the entire concert and also features the singers and audio clips of their studio time.

See the second installation, “Lullaby Project: Wings Over the Walls,” on Christmas Day on KTVA at 4:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. and watch later on the Frontiers section of KTVA.com.


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Merry Christmas from the Anchorage Probation Office

The Anchorage Probation Office (APO) had its Christmas Party this week, which included a lunch prepared by the APO Management Team (rib roast and all the fixings). We also had a unit competition for wall decorating and an “ugly sweater” contest.

The Mental Health Unit won the wall decorating competition and PO III Rebecca Reed won the “ugly sweater” contest. Our thanks to Deputy Director Brunger, Director Fox and Director Belden for being judges for the wall decorating competition.

APO staff also collected winter clothing for local charities leading up to the party.

The staff in the ugly sweater contest were PO Guzman, PO Bartz, PO Entsminger, PO Lovelace, PO III Reed and Chief Probation Officer Keith Thayer.

The Anchorage Probation Office wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

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Spring Creek & Wildwood Correctional Officers Step Up To Save Lives

A Big Shout Out and Thank You to Alaska Department of Corrections Correctional Officers at Spring Creek Correctional and Wildwood Correctional!

A number of officers live outside the Seward & Kenai area and make the drive from Anchorage, Kenai, and the Valley on a regular basis. And as you know the hazards and reputation the Seward Highway has, it can be a very dangerous drive for many reasons.

On the evening of December 7th at about Mile 41 of the Seward Highway, a DOC correctional officer was one of the first on scene of a very serious vehicle accident. Two vehicles in a head on collision with heavy entrapment and one vehicle was on fire. The fire was being extinguished by a passing truck driver.

Within what seemed like only a few minutes, there were five officers from Spring Creek Correctional and an officer from Wildwood Correctional (heading to work). Everyone worked very well together to best care for and comfort the victims. There was no panic or chaos and all worked together as a team. An EMT from Seward arrived and the officers quickly became a gang of six. Other bystanders were put to work as well.

When the volunteers from Moose Pass arrived the DOC officers became their muscles and their gophers. The Assistant Chief from Moose Pass was very impressed with how they alll worked together and made it a point to thank them all personally. The DOC officers were going back and forth getting tools and supplies as they were requested. After the patients were removed from the vehicles and placed in the ambulances (Cooper Landing & Girdwood) the officers continued to assist responders, cleaning and picking up tools.

This is an example of the professionalism and dedication that goes on statewide and why there is no ‘I” in team in DOC.

Thank You Officers for stepping up and helping those in dire need. We appreciate your selfless acts of courage in the midst of danger.

Picture One from Left to Right:

Ofc. Matthew Montavon (Spring Creek)

Ofc. Colleen Jones (Spring Creek)

Ofc. Eric Granquist (Spring Creek)

Ofc. James Shackelford (Spring Creek)

Ofc. Zachary Methvin (Spring Creek)

Picture Two: Ofc. Daniel Kurka (Wildwood)

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Anchorage Probation Sex Offender Unit Being Proactive

Doing proactive field work, the Alaska Department of Corrections Anchorage Probation Office Sex Offender Unit conducted walking patrols and field checks during the Alaska State Fair during “Kids Day” and on Halloween to identify any sex offenders in the area who were in violation of their supervision conditions.

One sex offender was discovered and removed from the area during the Alaska State Fair and all probationers and parolees were found to be in compliance during Halloween.

Thank you Anchorage Probation and the Sex Offender Unit for your dedication and hard work. We appreciate it!

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Ketchikan Correctional Center Crochets for Christmas

The female inmates at Ketchikan Correctional Center began crocheting in early August and spent the last several months creating scarves and hats to give something back to the Ketchikan community. For the third year, the ladies taught, shared and learned how to crochet hats and scarves. The ladies elected to donate this year’s bounty to the Ketchikan Harley Rider’s Association to benefit their Toys for Tots annual Christmas toy drive. In the past area non-profits such as the Salvation Army and the Peace Health Medical Center have been blessed with the creations. Terra Adams, Shelly Douglas and Evelyn Calhoun were among the approximately 15 women that created 97 hats and 91 scarves.

Superintendent Jessica Mathews, Probation Officer Nora Dale and Education Coordinator Dave Kiffer played Santa Claus and delivered the items to the Plaza Mall Toys for Tots location. Donald “Gabby” Evans was the resident Harley rider to accept the items and reported that they planned to provide an item to as many children as possible.

Thank you to the participants of this program for spending many weeks working on this project with the intention of paying it forward.

We appreciate you!

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