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DOC working with State & Private Partners to tackle Health Care Reentry

Alaska Department of Corrections working with the Alaska Health and Social Services Alaska, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Get Covered Alaska, Alaska Primary Care Association, and Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc. to train staff in how to help former inmates transition back to society successfully with appropriate healthcare.

Hiland Mountain Lullaby Concert Near Completion KTVA, CBS 11 News

Check out this KTVA 11 News story done by Rhonda McBride on the Hiland Mountain Lullaby Concert


Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to be apart of something special on September 24th at 11AM

Powerful lyrics written by inmates with children blended with music and voices from various Alaskan musicians and voices.

Please click on the link to buy tickets in advance


DOC/IRS Partnership Leading to Convictions

Check out this KTUU story when you have time.

This is a great example of the partnerships we have with Federal agencies like the IRS in enforcing laws for both those in and out of custody.

Alaska Department of Corrections officers and facility staff provided resources for cell searches, jail calls, and provided vast insight into the dynamics of prison life that led to convictions.

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