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Nurses Week Spotlight: Electronic Health Record Nurses

As we continue to celebrate Nurses Week and our outstanding Nurses across the state, today we highlight DOC Nurses from the Electronic Health Record.

Our DOC nurses have strong assessment skills, are able to handle stress well and thrive under pressure. This year, several of our nurses took on an additional challenge – the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Leading the way as super users and as pilot users at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, the efforts of these nurses are improving the EHR for future use at all facilities.

Our super users volunteered to play this significant role in the EHR adoption. Their ability to quickly learn the system, share this knowledge and support other users has been invaluable. The HMCC nurses may not have started out as super users, but it is safe to say most of them could certainly serve in this role now. No matter their computer skills, these nurses have each gone above and beyond to learn the system and to brainstorm solutions to use the EHR to improve our processes. The HMCC nurses remain flexible and resilient as the pilot progresses.

Super user nurses involved so far: Daniel Alsdorf, Rachel Chesser, Cathy Easterling, Kilei Green-Luafulu, Jody Hatt, Tawny Schaf, Gemma Smith, Megan Starr, Tesfa Subani and Brenda Timmer.

HMCC nurses: Daniel Alsdorf, Gena Bryant, Moneak Cline, Dawn Gordon, Betty Hinton, Melanie O’Brien, Ryan Sather, Charlene Sauerbrey, Tawny Schaf, Megan Starr, Tesfa Subani, Sara Taylor, Leisa Wilson.

Nurse educator: Ivy Asamoah

Thank you all for your dedication and drive to make the EHR a success for DOC! We appreciate all you do!