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Nurses Week Spotlight: Nurse Valerie Beacom

As we continue to celebrate Nurses Week and our outstanding Nurses across the state, today we highlight Nurse Valerie Beacom from Goose Creek Correctional Center.

Nurse Beacom stands out as a strong leader who instinctively addresses safety and process improvement promoting safety on a regular basis. She readily confers with her team members to determine the best way to problem solve. Nurse Beacom provides supportive encouragement to all members of the GCCC team.

She has willingly accepted the role of lead nurse to provide a consistent resource to all floor staff on her rotation; additionally, she has thrived in this position and offered several process improvement suggestions related to sharps count, nursing assessments and nursing report hand-off for both shift and rotation reports.

Nurse Beacom is an exceptionally valued member of the GCCC team; her contribution to the team promotes high morale and confidence among her co-workers.

We appreciate you!