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Nurses Week Spotlight: Nurse Jody Hatt

As we continue to celebrate Nurses Week and our outstanding Nurses across the state, today we highlight Nurse Jody Hatt from Wildwood Correctional Center.

Nurse Jody Hatt has been at the heart of DOC successes for 30 years. She is often the first person called for questions by nurses statewide – it seems like she has seen it all. We know we can rely on Nurse Hatt’s strong clinical skills, guidance and leadership.

Firm, fair and consistent is heard frequently in our environment; and Nurse Hatt epitomizes this mantra. Her influence carries to nurses, providers and patients. You’ll frequently hear Nurse Hatt reminding patients with diabetes to calculate their own insulin dosage and not rely on the nurse. They will be responsible for calculating the dosage when they release. This is a valuable lesson patients are learning while within our walls and preparing to safely care for themselves.

In addition, Nurse Hatt doesn’t hesitate to take on special projects to improve the system. Recently, she is serving as a super user for the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Nurse Hatt is helping with pilot at HMCC and is making significant contributions behind the scenes to work through the speedbumps in the EHR. Her energy, knowledge and optimism have been invaluable!

Nurse Hatt relocated to Kenai from South Dakota in 1979. She started her correctional nursing career at Wildwood Correctional Center in 1986 and became the Nurse III at WCC in 2000. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time on the boat with Steve, her significant other, and, of course, shopping.

Thank you, Nurse Hatt, for your 30 years of dedicated service to the Department of Corrections!

We appreciate you!