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Denali Peak Award Nominees

We wanted to recognize a few of our Alaska Department of Corrections employees who went above and beyond to respond to a critical situation and who were nominated for the Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Award.

On March 11, 2016, a four year old boy reported to the Anchorage Probation Office with a probationer. The probationer reported that the boy was left in his custody for two days, after the boy’s father told the probationer that he was out looking for his next fix. The probationer felt that something needed to be done because the home was full of needles and other paraphernalia.

Anchorage Probation Officers Katie Perry (PO II), Travis Morris (PO II), Christina Berggren (PO II), Ann Quinn (PO II), Lana Grist (PO II), Dwayne Hanson (PO III) divided and conquered this unusual situation. Custody was taken care of the boy by some of the officers by feeding him while the other officers conducted a home visit. It was confirmed that there were drugs, needles, and other drug paraphernalia in the home and it was not a safe environment.

The Office of Children’s Services were contacted to handle the well being of the young boy. The immediate action by these Anchorage Probation Officers in the caring of this child kept him safe and avoided any further neglect.

Thank you for your service! We appreciate you!