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Congratulations to the Graduates of the Goose Creek Correctional Mental Health Offender Program

Congratulations to the graduates of the Goose Creek Correctional Mental Health 48 Week Offender Program! This challenging program at Goose Creek begins with the standard SAMHSA 12 week anger management class and then adds an additional 36 weeks of cognitive behavioral curriculum. These 36 weeks include an interactive journaling program geared toward recognizing criminal thinking, encouraging responsible behavior and contributing to the community. The class meets weekly for 48 sessions however usually takes over a year to complete. The program calls for honest self-exploration, practicing pro-social behavior and willingness to expand personal comfort zones. At the completion of the program, graduates are required to develop a summary of personal insights gained through the course and present this to the class and staff. There are approximately nine or ten 48 Week Offender classes running at any given time at Goose Creek. The graduating class in the included photo was ran by MHCII Becky Scales.