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News, Events, and Activities in the Alaska Department of Corrections

Fairbanks Correctional Center Mural

Over the last few months, there have been numerous inmates at Fairbanks Correctional Center who have participated in painting a mural in the gym. The results are amazing! The attached picture does not do justice to the details they incorporated in their artwork. They chose to create a mural that starts in springtime in Fairbanks (to the left), move into the summer activities, transition into fall and finish the mural with winter in the interior. We appreciate the amazing talent we have at FCC and will continue to encourage the arts within our walls.

Mural at Fairbanks Correctional Center

Congratulations to the Graduates of the Goose Creek Correctional Mental Health Offender Program

Congratulations to the graduates of the Goose Creek Correctional Mental Health 48 Week Offender Program! This challenging program at Goose Creek begins with the standard SAMHSA 12 week anger management class and then adds an additional 36 weeks of cognitive behavioral curriculum. These 36 weeks include an interactive journaling program geared toward recognizing criminal thinking, encouraging responsible behavior and contributing to the community. The class meets weekly for 48 sessions however usually takes over a year to complete. The program calls for honest self-exploration, practicing pro-social behavior and willingness to expand personal comfort zones. At the completion of the program, graduates are required to develop a summary of personal insights gained through the course and present this to the class and staff. There are approximately nine or ten 48 Week Offender classes running at any given time at Goose Creek. The graduating class in the included photo was ran by MHCII Becky Scales.

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes

It’s that time of year again! March means April is right around the corner, and April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)!

If you would like to support Star Alaska and the Correctional Officers that are participating in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, please help our mission by donating! Or you can support STAR by getting a team together, or participating on your own!

For information on participating or donating contact Officer Tommy Quinlan at Thomas.quinlan@Alaska.gov Thank you for all your support!

Celebrate Recovery

Alaska Department of Corrections in partnership with the Kodiak Area Mentor Program hosted a very meaningful event for Kodiak that involved Amy Avery Gill, the Alaska Representative for Celebrate Recovery.

In 2009 Amy was arrested in Kodiak and charged with MICS III, MICS IV, Aiding and Abetting MICS I; and Conspiracy First Degree MICS (Criminal Enterprise). She had five co-defendants, and her role in the offense was as the higher level distributor of methamphetamine to four of the co-defendants.

Amy’s success on probation, being supervised in Anchorage by PO Lana Grist, led to her early termination from probation and her securing employment as the Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian Community Church as well as obtaining the position of Alaska Representative for Celebrate Recovery.

What makes this event stand out is that when Amy was invited to speak to KAMP and Celebrate Recovery, she asked if it would be possible for her to address the law enforcement officers, court system personnel, and prosecutor who were involved in her case. She asked to have the opportunity to tell them that the work that they do really matters, and that lives can really change.

Many of those in attendance thanked Amy for having the courage to come back to Kodiak and face the people who were instrumental in putting her in jail.

Amy gave credit to the TLC Program at Hiland Mountain Correctional for being an integral part of her success.

Thank you Amy! We appreciate you!

Goose Creek Congratulates Employee of the Year, Kristen Nunley

Goose Creek Correctional Center’s Employee of the Year for 2015 is Kristen Nunley. For those of you who may not know, Kristen is our Office Assistant II over payroll. Kristen started at GCCC on February 8, 2013 in her current position. Kristen makes this huge job look easy day in and day out. Kristen always comes to work with a positive attitude and a happy demeanor. Anyone familiar with Kristen knows that she brightens up any room with her smile and laugh. Please congratulate Kristen when you see her for this well-earned honor. Congratulations Kristen!

PCC Wasilla Trash Pick-Up

Palmer Correctional Center (PCC) staff and inmates volunteered to assist in cleaning up trash along the Parks Highway in Wasilla on Saturday, February 20th, 2016. The following inmates volunteered and did an absolutely outstanding job of helping to clean up our community: William Vanderpool, Ronald Penamora, Wyatt Metro, Garry Archey, Larry Goss, Richard Lane, Kenneth Massengill, Jonathon Hart, Michael Yunker, Philip Gibson, and Justin Hornal. A special thanks to Wasilla Mayor Bert Cottle for his support and assistance in this project, as well as Phil Cole, Special Assistant to the Commissioner II, who volunteered his time for this project.