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Spring Creek Correctional Center Employee of the Year

Spring Creek Correctional Center is happy to announce that Officer Jeremy Sandy has been selected as the Spring Creek Correctional Center Employee of the Year!

Jeremy is an exceptionally enthusiastic and competent officer and a total pleasure to work with. He has a positive “can do” attitude, is well liked throughout the facility and is well supported by his team in the Segregation Housing Unit (House 1). It takes a good communicator and a skilled (and patient) officer to work with this population and he does it exceptionally well. Officer Sandy is a role model for professionalism for all who work with him as his dedication and drive is of particular note. His commitment is evident in all he does and he can relied upon to do the job right the first time. Often times many staff, particularly new staff who are still under field training in the segregation unit, will look to him for advice and the working knowledge to succeed in this tough environment. Even as a fairly junior officer with only about two years of service he has completed the Range Officer course, is on the Spring Creek Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and strives to better himself on a daily basis. Officer Sandy is usually one of the first to respond in an incident and is physically and mentally tough enough to handle each situation with consummate professionalism as well as an outstanding attitude!