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Tenth Annual Kairos Retreat at Wildwood CC

Wildwood Correction Center hosted the 10th annual Kairos Retreat February 11-14. Kairos is a international prison program that is facilitated by the local faith community. 40 volunteers from Kasilof, Soldotna, Sterling and Kenai facilitate the meetings, discussion groups, music and programming food. Most of the volunteers are veterans from previous Kairos retreats. This years event had over 40 cleared to go and about 35 made it all the way through the retreat. The topics addressed include, Spiritual walk, internal barriers, forgiveness, anger management, character traits and developing good relationships. Two days, Friday and Saturday start at 8 am and conclude at 8 pm. The Sunday programming is culminated by the Closing Ceremony. The inmates are told that they will be asked to stand up in front of their peers and share what they have received from having attended. What they don’t know is that a group of visitors, (all screened) will also join the ceremony. At the designated time and while the men are singing, the visitors quietly sneak in behind the curtain. At a designated time, the current falls and the men see nearly 70 witnesses to their testimony. The impact is a part of the Kairos experience and program. The visitors are always highly impacted by what they hear and how the program has changed some lives.

Special thanks go out to Supt. Hibpshman and the WCC staff. Kairos staff and this year’s Director Dennis Murray did a wonderful job.