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2015 Goose Creek Christmas Concert

The third annual 2015 Christmas concert at Goose Creek was part of a tradition that started back in 2012 at Hudson Correctional Facility in Hudson, Colorado. Chaplain Bernard Browder started the peer-driven choral ensemble, which was formed in July 2012. In December 2012, the group performed for peers and staff in a successful Christmas concert.

Over the next year, when the Colorado group was transitioned back to Alaska, the new Goose Creek Singers emerged. The majority of their members arrived in May 2013. They recruited some new members and in December 2013, they provided an outstanding performance in the first Christmas concert at Goose Creek.

With the help of staff and volunteers in 2014, the orchestra began, a guitar class was formed and a piano class started. The orchestra was directed by Mr. Michael More and Mrs. Coralyn More. The Mores, who are professional musicians, volunteered to help the members of the orchestra develop their sound and group dynamic. Ms. Liz Melson was contracted to teach beginning piano. The program was very successful and has continued to provide men an opportunity to learn a new skill. Goose Creek now has beginning, intermediate and advanced piano classes. The guitar class was self-directed and would eventually contribute to the entertainment of a future concert. Each year more men sign up to be a part of these talented groups and the 2015 Christmas concert proved they only get better with practice and opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

The orchestra, choir, piano and guitar ensembles performed some traditional and popular seasonal classics in the December 2015 Christmas concerts. They entertained their peers in the gym in two performances with over 300 men in attendance and a smaller group of invited family and friends in visitation. The participants were appreciative of the opportunities to perform and the guests were delighted with the concerts. Goose Creek looks forward to more successful performances this year.